AMANA ASD2620HRB 25.6 cu ft PuriClean II Retractable Filter Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Temp-Assure(R) Freshness Design :  SofSound Quiet Package

Temp-Assure(R) Freshness Design : SofSound Quiet Package

The Amana ASD2620HRB is a nice large refrigerator that has stood up well for our family. We have several children and constant visitors, so the fridge is always being opened or closed or bumped into. We have never had any trouble with it. That?s important to us because it?s difficult to find time for repair work when your own schedule is already full.

Occasionally the temperature dial will need to be adjusted. Sometimes things get a little too cold on the middle shelves. It depends on the air flow and how many things have been packed on the shelves. It isn?t a problem except for when we have lots of leftovers crammed in.

The shelves on the door and inside the fridge are movable. It took a few configurations to find a workable set up. Things like milk and soda bottles are tough to get out of the top shelf, and they can fall out of the door compartments if you open the fridge too quickly. It is nice to be able to move the shelves around when we have different things to fit in.

The drawers in the bottom come out also but they can?t be moved or rearranged to other locations. Sometimes spills end up pooling underneath and behind the drawers so it helps to take them out and clean that area from time to time. Spills wipe easily off of both the inside and outside surfaces.

There is also plenty of room to display your child?s artwork and school projects. Because this is a larger refrigerator, you might find that it doesn?t fit underneath the cupboards in older houses that were designed for a smaller appliance.

We needed to plot things with graphing paper and measuring tape before bringing this fridge home. It was a tight squeeze getting it through the front door, but we are glad that we made it work.

The best features are that you can fit almost anything inside if you move the shelves around, and that it?s really easy to clean up when things get spilled on the inside or the outside.

The worst features are that the temperature gauge needs to be changed when the fridge is very full and that the large size might not work in small kitchens.

I would give this a rating of 4 out of 5

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