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Amana is a company that produces a range of upright and chest freezers that are STYLISH and come with a FULL RANGE of FEATURES. Amana units are known for their ELEGANCE and STYLE, but they do not fall short of the PRACTICAL FEATURES that make them a good choice for freezers in the kitchen. The brand equips their units with ENERGY COMPLIANCE features, which comply with the standards of the federal energy agency and exceed this standard by 15%. The units also come with the TEMP ASSURE FEATURE, which allows users to adjust the temperatures to the exact reading.

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Armana Upright Freezer 15.8cu ft AQF1613TEW (Fast Freeze) Not rated yet
The AQF1613TEW is a model of freezers made by Amana. It has features that ensure energy savings for its owners. For example, it has an ENERGY STAR certification …

Armana Chest Freezer AQC2213TEW 21.7 cu ft (Manual Defrost)  Not rated yet
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Armana AQU2003TRW Upright Freezer (Tight Seal Door Gasket) (20.3 cu ft )  Not rated yet
The AQU2003TRW is another model in the line of freezers produced by Amana. With a 20.3 cu. ft. interior cavity, there's enough space to accommodate items …

Armana White Upright Freezer (Energy Efficient Foam Insulation) AQU1613TEW 16 cu ft Not rated yet
The AQU1613TEW is a model of freezers made by Amana with a 16.0 cu. ft. capacity. This upright freezer has an Energy Star qualification, which means owners …

Armana AQF2013TEW Energy StarĀ® Upright Freeze 20.1cu ft Not rated yet
The AQF2013TEW, a model of freezers from Amada, provides its owners more than enough storage with the above-average size of its interior cavity. Its 20.1 …

Armana Chest Freezer 14.8cu ft AQC1513TEW (Lock with Pop-Out Key) Not rated yet
The combination of Foam Insulation and Adjustable Temperature Control help the Armana AQC1513TEW achieve its Energy Star certification. This energy efficient …

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Freezer Overview


Different Types of Amana Freezers and their Key Features

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers from Amana are known for their durability, style, and elegance. They come packed with practical features and allow for easier access to stored items.

When it comes to food storage and convenience, upright freezers are the better buys because the vertical storage allows for easy access and better organization. Upright freezers do have one drawback, however, and that is the lesser efficiency in energy savings due to the amount of cold air that gets out when the door is opened.

Chest freezers

Chest freezers from Amana come with their handy organization baskets so that you can arrange the contents inside. Removable baskets also help you open up more space when needed. The main drawback to chest freezers is that food items that were stored tend to get lost in the cavernous spaces, especially if you have a large freezer.

The chest freezers from this brand have extra large baskets for larger items and smaller ones for items that tend to get lost easily. Chest freezers are also cheaper and tend to handle temperature outages better, so they can keep food items safer for longer even during power blackouts.

Amana chest freezers come in various capacities and dimensions, so whether you are looking for a small chest freezer for your apartment or a large one for your food service business, you can find the right chest freezer unit from Amana.

Popular Amana Models and Main Features


A popular product from Amana is the AFU1567A, a 15 cu. ft. deep freeze freezer, which has the 5 Stor-Mor shelves, 3 wire removable cabinet shelves, a commercial rated power cord, and interior light. It also sports the fast freeze setting.

The Amana AFU1567A is Energy-star qualified, has a frost-free defrost system, a contoured door, a power indicator light, energy-efficient foam insulation, and 2 front leveling legs. It has the smooth rust- and impact-resistant liner and a tight seal door gasket.

You keep food stored safely with the AFU1567A's adjustable temperature control, which allows you to keep food at the ideal temperature.


The AQF1613TEW is an 15.8 cu. ft. upright freezer with three wire removable shelves and five door shelving. It also sports the fast freeze feature, the Energy star qualification, 2 front leveling legs, a smooth rust- and impact-resistant liner, and a tight seal door gasket and an adjustable temperature control. There is a contoured reversible door and a stylish texture steel cabinet.


Another upright freezer from Amana is the AQF2013TEW, a large freezer with 20.1 cu.ft capacity, complete with a textured door, wire shelves, fixed door shelves, fast freeze settings, and lower wire storage baskets. It also sports front leveling legs and an upfront adjustable temperature control.

It does lack several convenience features, such as the power on light and energy-efficient foam insulation. The multiple shelving allow for more leeway in shelving and organization options. The tight seal door gaskets keep the cold air sealed in for better temperature regulation and also help in conserving energy. The textured steel cabinet adds to the elegance and style of the unit.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Amana is known for its STYLISH UNITS, the CONTOURED DOORS, which are REVERSIBLE and the STYLISH HANDLES.

  • However, more than just for show, the brand is also known for its RELIABILITY and PRACTICAL FEATURES such as the FAST FREEZE SYSTEM and the ADJUSTABLE LEGS.

  • When it comes to power savings, Amana's ENERGY STAR-qualified definitely fit the bill of ENERGY-EFFICIEnT performance.

  • Amana freezer units are also known for their QUIET PERFORMANCE.

  • Even without the SofSound feature found in most Amana refrigerators, Amana freezers still HUM QUIETLY when on.

  • These freezers also come with a variety of DESIGNS and COLORS, so choosing a particular unit to fit the kitchen is very easy.


  • Some users complain that is hard to determine if the freezer is FROST-FREE or not, since frost tends to form on everything inside.

  • Amana freezer COMPRESSORS also break down early and they tend to be noisy when running fine.

  • Replacements for COMPRESSORS are also quite expensive.

  • The unit may suffer from troubles with the DOOR, which tends to lag when closing.

  • The DEFROST FEATURE also tends to conk out once in a while after several months of use

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