American Retro Coca-Cola Cooler AR-15001 AR-15001 (Coca-Cola logo on all four sides)

Coca-Cola logo on all four sides : Chip-resistant, rust-resistant

Coca-Cola logo on all four sides : Chip-resistant, rust-resistant

The American Retro Coca-Cola Cooler is a great thing for any Coca-Cola Collector.

This is a recreation of this little coke coolers you used to see in the local corner store. The only difference is that this is only a cooler, there is not fridge to keep your coke cold.

I really love this thing cause it looks just like the old fridges. This cooler does keep things cold in your house for a day or so. You might want to buy a small ice maker if you use this all the time.

There is a drain to empty out the water once the ice melts, thou it might be best to have this in a garage. This is because you might have to add a floor drain if you need to drain it without a bucket. There is also the originally designed cap catcher and cap opener on the side.

There is only a couple things that bugs me but nothing major. FIRST, the price for a cooler is a bit high but most collectors will pay the 700 for this nice machine. SECOND, the rubber seal on the door is a bit cheap but I replaced mine with commercial grade seal.

Overall, if your a Coca-Cola fan, you will love this machine. If you are not, it is a pretty cool thing to have in your pad. I would recommend it.

Also this machine has wheels if you need to roll it outside to drain you cooler.

I would rate this as a 5 of 5

  • Very good replica to the original.
  • It will hold about 80 cans of Coke.


  • The rubber on the door is cheap and should be replaced.
  • Wish it wasn't so expensive for just a cooler.

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