Armana AQF2013TEW Energy Star® Upright Freeze 20.1cu ft

  Free-O-Frost™ Feature : Reversible Door : Fast Freeze

Free-O-Frost™ Feature : Reversible Door : Fast Freeze

The AQF2013TEW, a model of freezers from Amada, provides its owners more than enough storage with the above-average size of its interior cavity. Its 20.1 cubic feet capacity is well above the normal capacity of freezers available in the market today. The removable storage baskets available allow frozen items to be organized in a way that doesn't inconvenience owners with how to put and take out items. This Deepfreeze freezer has temperature controls that can be adjusted conveniently and a Fast Freeze setting that lets frozen items be in their peak condition without using too much time.

    Interior Features

  • The interior of this model is noticeably cavernous compared to the average size of freezers available in the market. The freezer's capacity is way above the average of freezers in the market, which allows it to store more items to last owners a long time.

  • There are more than enough compartments inside this model. It has 4 wire shelves that can be adjusted in height, so that tall items can be accommodated easily without having to let those items be stored horizontally or diagonally, since owners can now adjust the shelves according to the items' height.
  • Other compartments included in this freezer model are 6 Stor-Mor door shelves that allow items to be placed at the back portion of the door, which is also an easier area of the freezer to be accessed. The back door shelves are perfect for constantly-used items to be easily taken out or put back in. There is also a lower wire storage basket which can be removed for easy cleaning and access to items.

      Exterior Features

  • The Reversible Door of this model is something not commonly seen in freezers, but is rather a common feature in washing machines and dryers. This feature is convenient for owners who want to put their freezers in a more confined space since they can easily change the orientation of the door opening depending on the confines of the space.
  • The 2 front leveling legs present in the front of the freezer give the model more stability, regardless of what kind of surface it will be placed in.
  • The textured steel cabinet of the freezer gives it a very strong exterior that makes it resistant to various environmental factors like staining and corrosion, among others.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 3/10 Inches
    Height: 67 Inches
    Width: 33 Inches
    Total Volume: 20.1 cu ft


  • The Power Indicator Light is a convenient feature of the freezer, informing owners if the unit is in use or not. This should prove convenient as compared to other units which owners would need to open or observe for a whirring mechanical sound just to know if the unit is working or not.
  • The tight seal door gasket gives users the assurance that no amount of cold escapes the unit. Cold that escapes freezers cause them to use more energy, since they would need to maintain their internal temperature, which is impossible when cold escapes the unit. Thus, the gasket keeps the internal temperature of the unit constant which translates to less energy use.


  • The 20.1 Cu. Ft. capacity may prove to be a bit too much for an average family who may not see the use of the excessive freezer capacity.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Adjustable wire shelves
  • Stor-Mor door shelves
  • Removable lower wire storage basket
  • Reversible door
  • Power indicator light
  • Tight seal door gasket
  • 2 front leveling legs
  • Textured steel cabinet

  • 20.1 Cu. Ft. capacity may be seen as excessive

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