Armana Chest Freezer 14.8cu ft AQC1513TEW (Lock with Pop-Out Key)

Energy Star®  :  Manual Defrost : Foam-Insulated Lid

Energy Star® : Manual Defrost : Foam-Insulated Lid

The combination of Foam Insulation and Adjustable Temperature Control help the Armana AQC1513TEW achieve its Energy Star certification. This energy efficient chest freezer may be smaller than most with its 14.8 cubic feet capacity but should provide enough room for home use. The user can also save in terms of repair and replacement through its One Year warranty and its sturdy, built-to last body.

    Interior Features

  • The Energy Star certification is granted to appliances that consume smaller amounts of energy. The Armana AQC1513TEW has such a certification due to some energy-efficient features, such as its adjustable temperature, and the lid, which ís foam insulation.

  • The temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of the products stored in the freezer.
  • There is an interior light is present to help facilitate the examination and organization of goods, and removal of some items during the night time.
  • There are 2 upper removable baskets that can be used to separate some smaller items from the rest of the frozen goods in the Armana AQC1513TEW. These baskets then help in the proper organization of products.
  • The 14.8 cubic feet may seem small if a buyer compares the size to other models' sizes but it should be adequate enough to accommodate one household's frozen goods.

      Exterior Features

  • The door lid ís foam insulation helps in conserving energy.
  • The textured steel cabinet is both stylish and durable. The rest of the materials used are chosen for their durability and rust-free quality. The deluxe integrated handle is also an example of style and durability combined, while the liner is rust and impact-resistant.
  • The Armana AQC1513TEW chest freezer is not frost-free. Because of this characteristic, the freezer must be manually defrosted regularly. There is a defrost drain and a hose that facilitates the removal of the liquid result.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29.50 Inches
    Height: 34.70 Inches
    Width: 46.1 Inches
    Total Volume: 14.8 cu ft


  • The Armana AQC1513TEW chest freezer is ideal for use in the home because of its size. The size is obviously smaller than that of commercial models, but it fits into most homes’ kitchens or storage areas neatly.
  • Energy efficiency is one of the best qualities offered by the Armana AQC1513TEW. The product is Energy Star certified. So, the user can be assured of energy bill savings in the months and years to come. The product is built to last. This means that the owner will enjoy the savings for longer.
  • The product is stylishly designed. So, it can easily be part of a kitchen showcase or theme. The user will not be ashamed to display the Armana AQC1513TEW where visitors can see it.
  • A one year warranty on parts and labor is offered by the manufacturer with this product.
  • The interior can be organized into sections. The provision of baskets aids in the organization.


  • Manual defrost is required as the product is not frost-free like some freezer models.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • energy efficient
  • organized storage
  • can easily fit into most kitchens
  • built to last

  • manual defrost required

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