Armana Chest Freezer AQC2213TEW 21.7 cu ft (Manual Defrost)

Energy Star : 3 Upper Removable Storage Baskets

Energy Star : 3 Upper Removable Storage Baskets

The Armana AQC2213TEW chest freezer can act as the extra storage for households that prefer to buy their groceries in bulk. The 21.7 cubic feet capacity should be adequate enough for acting as extra storage in the home. The Energy Star certification and the one year warranty should help users save in terms of energy bills and future possible repair and replacements.

    Interior Features

  • The Armana AQC2213TEW is Energy Star certified. This means that the user will be using less energy as would have been usual in an appliance that is not energy efficient. The user will also feel environmentally responsible by choosing this particular chest freezer. One feature that helps the Armana AQC2213TEW become energy efficient is its foam insulation.

  • The user can easily adjust the temperature to a level that is required by his food items.
  • The Armana AQC2213TEW freezer does create frost. So, manual draining is required.

      Exterior Features

  • In relation to the draining after the manual defrost, the Armana AQC2213TEW freezer has a built-in defrost drain that leads the water out through a hose.
  • The 21.7 cubic feet capacity should be adequate enough to store the extra frozen goods for an average household. The freezer can even already act as the only storage for frozen goods, depending on the kind of household it is in.
  • There is a power indicator light that shows whether the appliance is in working order or not. If the light is on then the freezer is in operation. If the light is off, the user has to investigate whether the light is busted or if the freezer itself can no longer operate.
  • The door is locked with a pop-out key, which makes removing that key from the door easy.
  • The Armana AQC2213TEW package includes 3 plastic baskets that could separate smaller items from the rest of the frozen goods stored in the chest freezer. The baskets can also act as means to organize all the items.
  • The exterior of this Armani freezer model is white. The cabinet and the deluxe integrated handle match this main exterior color. The door has a textured steel look.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29.30 Inches
    Height: 34.70 Inches
    Width: 64.90 Inches
    Total Volume: 21.7 cu ft


  • Being Energy Star certified, the Armana AQC2213TEW freezer can save the owner a lot of money that should have been paid off to energy bills.
  • The Armana AQC2213TEW is easy and comfortable to use. The temperature can be easily changed by the user by turning the thermostat.
  • The removable baskets help in organizing the items inside the chest freezer.
  • The 21.7 cubic capacity is adequate for use in the home. The space is enough to house not just extra frozen goods but all of the frozen goods in some homes.


  • Manual defrost is required because the freezer is not frost-free as some freezer models.
  • There is no ice maker.
  • There is no Quick Freeze feature.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • can be easily organized
  • easy to use
  • energy efficient
  • provides adequate space for home use

  • no ice maker
  • not frost-free
  • no Quick Freeze feature

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