Armana Upright Freezer 15.8cu ft AQF1613TEW (Fast Freeze)

Free-O-Frost  : Contoured Design  : Fast Freeze

Free-O-Frost : Contoured Design : Fast Freeze

The AQF1613TEW is a model of freezers made by Amana. It has features that ensure energy savings for its owners. For example, it has an ENERGY STAR certification which lets its owners use the advanced features of the freezer yet save energy, which also translates to savings in utility cost. The freezer also contains energy efficient foam insulation which maintains the coldness of the freezer without using additional energy. With its 15.8 cu. ft. capacity, the freezer assures enough space for items that will provide a few months of food for users.

    Interior Features

  • There are 5 Stor-Mor Door Shelves in the interior of the freezer, with design trademarked by Amana. The shelves make use of the space at the back of the door, which assures owners that there will be SUFFICIENT SPACE for all kinds of items to be stored.

  • The interior cavity is sufficiently lighted with the freezer's INTERIOR LIGHT, giving owners a clear view of all items inside the freezer, even those stored in the deeper corners of the unit.
  • The FREE-O-FROST Feature, another trademark feature of Amana, assures owners of this freezer model that they do not have to activate any button or unplug the machine altogether just to defrost it. This model operates without producing any frost.

      Exterior Features

  • The exterior of the freezer is finished with a SMOOTH LINER which resists rusting and sudden impact. Owners won't need to be worried about rust stains and dents even if they have enjoyed the unit for years already.
  • The CONTROL SYSTEM to adjust the temperature of the freezer is now located in front of the unit, eliminating the need to open the unit just to do the necessary adjustments and let precious cold escape in the process.
  • The CONTOURED DESIGN of the front door is easy on the eyes and doesn’t look too industrial or harsh as other freezers with straight, angled doors.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 3/10 Inches
    Height: 61 Inches
    Width: 30 Inches
    Total Volume: 15.8 cu ft


  • All new owners of this model are offered a limited ONE YEAR warranty for parts and labor, starting from the original retail purchase date. Any fails caused by from normal home use will be repaired or replaced without any charges to the owner.
  • The FAST FREEZE setting of the freezer allows items that need to be frozen in the shortest time possible to be accommodated, allowing culinary procedures to be followed properly and preventing incidents such as spoiling.
  • There are 3 CABINET SHELVES made of wire and are removable, allowing for easy cleaning of the freezer's interior and of the shelves themselves, not to mention easier access to items.


  • There is a good number of shelves in this model, but most of them do not really offer that much WIDTH or DEPTH, so unusually long or wide items can be stored but with a bit of difficulty.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Energy Star qualified
  • Energy efficient foam insulation
  • 15.8 cubic feet capacity
  • Free-O-Frost feature
  • Stor-Mor door shelves
  • Rust- and Impact-Resistant Liner
  • Interior light
  • Wire Removable Cabinet Shelves
  • Fast Freeze Setting
  • Up-Front Adjustable Temperature Control System

  • Shelves not spacious enough

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