Armana White Upright Freezer (Energy Efficient Foam Insulation) AQU1613TEW 16 cu ft

Energy Star®  :  Manual Defrost : Reversible Door

Energy Star® : Manual Defrost : Reversible Door

The AQU1613TEW is a model of freezers made by Amana with a 16.0 cu. ft. capacity. This upright freezer has an Energy Star qualification, which means owners save money while conserving energy even when enjoying the features of this model. The freezer is equipped with an interior light that makes it easy to locate the items placed inside the freezer. The Fast Freeze setting makes freezing large amounts of food possible, without difficulty and in record time. There are also compartments for just about anything in this model for storing a wide variety of items.

    Interior Features

  • The unit has a built-in Manual Defrost system which the manufacturer ensures will make it easy for any defrosting process to be done.
  • The Defrost Drain mechanism gives owners the assurance that all liquids that come out of the freezer because of defrosting will not create a mess, and will instead be siphoned out of the freezer efficiently.

  • With the 5 Stor-Mor door shelves and the 3 evaporator fixed cabinet shelves, owners of this unit are guaranteed sufficient compartments to place all sorts of items in.
  • The door shelves may not exactly be wide or deep enough, but they offer ample space for items that need to be frozen and accessed easily.
  • The fixed cabinet shelves are crafty compartments that give owners space for bigger items.

      Exterior Features

  • There is a smooth liner in the exterior of the freezer that is both rust and impact-resistant. The freezer shall maintain its good-as-new appearance as it wonít have rust and dents even with the wear and tear of everyday use.
  • With the reversible door of the unit, owners can actually change the orientation of the the freezer's door will open or close. This will make it easier for them to operate the freezer because they can open and close the unit's door according to their preference.
  • The 2 leveling legs located at the front of the freezer's bottom makes it stable on any surface the unit will be put in, lessening safety concerns.
  • Owners are guaranteed a constant temperature in the freezer's tight seal door gasket because no amount of cold is allowed to escape it.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 30.3 Inches
    Height: 61 Inches
    Width: 30 Inches
    Total Volume: 20.3 cu ft


  • The 15.8 Cu. Ft. capacity of the model is just about the average when it comes to freezer capacity. This capacity should be right for use with small to medium-sized families.
  • The foam insulation of the unit stores the cold inside the freezer efficiently so users wouldn't need to think about the cold produced inside the freezer from escaping the unit easily. This equals savings in energy, which translates to savings in the unitís operating cost.
  • The manufacturers of the unit are offering a limited one year warranty on units sold. Any damage due to normal home use will be repaired or replaced by Amana without charging the user.
  • The Temperature Control System of the freezer is located right in front of the machine, which saves the owner the effort of having to open the unit just to adjust its temperatures.


  • The Manual Defrost and Defrost Drain features of the unit may be guarantees installed by the manufacturer that the process of defrosting the freezer would be easier, but then considering that there are freezers that are frost-free, this detail can still be something that may bother some freezer owners.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • 15.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Stor-Mor Door Shelves
  • Energy Efficient Foam Insulation
  • Smooth, Rust- and Impact-Resistant Liner
  • Fast Freeze Setting
  • Interior Light

  • Mere presence of Manual Defrost and Defrost Drain features

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