Avanti WINE Cooler-Refrigerator Reviews

Avani has been among the leaders in the Consumer Appliance Industry with a whole range of COUNTER-TOP and other small appliances and specialty products for over 30 years and pride themselves on their WIDE RANGE and variety of Wine Coolers and Beverage Chillers and Dispensers. Avanti pride themselves on the RANGE and SIZE and VARIETY of their cold storage unit and they have built up their reputation in smaller and COMPACT appliances both in home supplies and also in offices, university dormitories and apartments. They have built up a reputation over the years and have become a great favorite with hotels chains and motels alike.


Wine Cooler-Refrigerator Overview


Together with their innovative technology and a range of features, Avanti Wine Coolers are designed to maintain your favorite wines in perfect condition and together with other beverage coolers and dispensers they offer a comprehensive range of products for indoor and outdoor entertaining.

Freestanding and Built -In

Although most of the coolers are Freestanding there are some models that have the choice to be used as a Built-In as well as being freestanding. Avanti do however remind you that proper ventilation is required on all models if the performance of the cooler is not to be affected.

Avanti Wine Coolers and their Key Features

Avanti Wine Coolers are increasingly popular as they are AFFORDABLE and attract the wider market, unlike some of their competitors who only cater for the exclusive and top end of the retail market.


Avanti offer both single and duel zone cooler and have a good range of both types. The Single Zone Wine Coolers range from an 8-Bottle Avanti to their largest wine refrigerator, which hold 166 bottles.

In their Duel Zone Wine Cooler range the capacities range from an 8-Bottle Cooler to their largest unit which has 169 bottle capacity.

There are a number of models that combine a wine cooling section with an ordinary beverage chiller, with both sections having individually controlled temperature zones.


Many of the Avanti wine coolers, have both single zone and duel zone, have One Touch Digital Controls with LED displays, and has the advantage of giving the reading in both FAHRENHEIT and in CELSIUS. This is a simple TOUCH BUTTON electronic control, which is generally placed on the outside of the refrigerator compartment, so that the interior zone or zones can be quickly and easily set with the simple push of a button.

For the duel zone coolers this means that the individual thermostatically controlled compartments will cool your red, white and sparkling wines to the optimum temperature of your choice.

Most coolers also have a simple One Touch ON/OFF Interior Cavity LED Interior Lighting System, where you can easily switch the interior lighting on or off, depending on your requirements.

Auto Defrost

Most of the models have an AUTO DEFROST SYSTEM which means that an ongoing cycle of automatic defrost kicks in at an appropriate time to ensure that there is not build up of ice, nor any reason to have to remove the bottles from the cool cabinet.

Security Lock

There are a number of important reasons that having a SECURITY LOCK on a wine cooler is an important feature and many Avanti have made sure that many of their medium to large coolers have this feature.


The Avanti range of wine coolers is fitted with PULL-OUT-HORIZONTAL-SHELVING, and they are fitted with a different number of shelves, depending on the size of the unit. The less expensive models tend to have CONTOURED CHROMIUM WIRE SHELVES, while those at the top end of the market are more often WOODEN SHELVES.

The bottles are stored LYING DOWN on their SIDES to ensure that there is no drying out of the corks in the bottles – although there are a limited number that also have some door storage where a few bottles may be stored in an UPRIGHT position, which accommodates for storing opened bottles of wine.

Reversible Doors

Avani offer the option of reversible doors on a number of their wine coolers, which is a very advantageous for both counter-top appliances and larger appliances. Having an option for a right and left opening gives you greater versatility in positioning your appliances.

AVANTI Consumer Likes and Dislikes

AVANTI Wine Cooler Advantages

Avanti wine coolers are very AFFORDABLE coolers, catering for the wider general market.

They are very GOOD LOOKING coolers and have a wide choice of styles, designs, finishes and looks.

The LED displays and TOUCH-CONTROLLED ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLS are placed on the exterior of the cooler make it easy to regulate the temperature at the touch of a button.

The SECURITY LOCKS on certain models are always a plus with Avanti customers.

AVANTI Wine Cooler Disadvantages

One of the more common customer complaints about the Avanti range of wine coolers is that some are found to have RELIABILITY PROBLEMS, sometimes breaking down soon after purchase.

A number of the smaller wine coolers from Avanti use Thermo-Electric technology as the cooling system and this has been found to be UNRELIABLE, as some of the cheaper models.

POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE is also one of the majority complaints from customers.

AVANTI Wine Cooler Pros

  • affordable coolers
  • great looks
  • freestanding or built in option for same unit
  • great selection
  • good range of duel zone coolers
  • some good, portable coolers
  • easy to use controls

    AVANTI Wine Cooler Cons

  • poor customer service
  • early break downs
  • poorly constructed
  • flimsy material
  • some less expensive Thermo-Electric units break down frequently

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