AVANTI Freezers Reviews

Avanti have built up their reputation as suppliers in smaller and more COMPACT appliances both in home supplies and also in offices, university dormitories and apartments.

They have built up a reputation over the years and have become a great favorite with hotel chains and motels alike. Avani is a name that is among leaders in the Consumer Appliance Industry. They are probably best known for their wide range of wine coolers but also have a range of freezer and refrigerators.


Freezer Overview


Avanti currently have a wide range of combination cold storage with both a refrigerator and freezer section and have a limited range of single “FREEZER~OLNY freezers: four CHEST and two UPRIGHT Freezers.

Avanti Freezers and their Key Features


All Avanti Chest freezer have the following features:

  1. 4 Power Indicator Light
  2. Defrost Drain
  3. Adjustable Thermostat
  4. Easy to Clean Interior
  5. Removable Storage Baskets

The majority of Avanti Chest freezers have the following features:

  1. Fast Freeze Switch
  2. Rollers for Easy Movement


All Avanti Vertical freezers have the following features:

  1. Storage Shelves
  2. Full Range Temperature Control
  3. Reversible Door - Left or Right Swing
  4. Front Leveling Legs
  5. Integrated Door Handle
  6. Manual Defrost System

Other features include:

  1. Clear-View Storage Drawers
  2. ADA Compliant

Popular Avanti Models

There are currently FOUR different models of Chest Freezers, ranging from 3.5 cu ft to 7.4 cu ft capacity, the largest of which is a COMMERCIAL model.

Chest Style

Avanti CF103.

One if the smallest Avanti CHEST freezer is the Avanti CF103.

The main features are:~

    • Power Indicator Light
    • Defrost Drain
    • Adjustable Thermostat
    • Easy to Clean Interior
    • Removable Storage Basket

This freezer has a cubic capacity of 3.5 cu ft.

Avanti CF146

The Avanti CF146 is a slightly larger chest freezer.

It comes with a a 5.1 cubic foot capacity.

There is also a Compressor ON light
A POWER INDICATOR Light shows the freezer is switched on.
FRONT ROLLERS are mounted, for Easy Movement.
For food organization there is a REMOVABLE STORAGE BASKET.
It has a FAST FREEZE Switch for flash freezing fresh food quickly.
To assist with cleaning or defrosting there is an EASY to CLEAN INTERIOR.
A DEFROST DRAIN removes water from the interior during defrosting.
The internal temperature is easily set with an ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT.

Avanti CF205

With a 7.2 cu. ft. capacity the Avanti CF205 has the following features :
• Power Indicator Light
• Defrost Drain
• Adjustable Thermostat
• Easy to Clean Interior
• Rollers for Easy Movement
• Removable Storage Basket

Avanti CF208G

The largest of the Avanti freezer is the Avanti CF208G which is a Commercial White, Chest Freeze. It has a GLASS TOP DISPLAY, which has Easy to Open Sliding Glass Doors.

There are THREE Removable Storage Baskets, for easy organization, which can display a wide range of frozen produce. The temperature can be easily changed and adjusted with the Adjustable Thermostat and there is a Defrost Drain, which easily removes all the excess water when the freezer is being defrosted.

The interior parts an Easy to Clean Interior and the whole cabinet is on Rollers for easy movement. It comes with a 7.4 cu ft capacity and has a FAST FREEZE Switch, for accelerated freezing of newly added fresh produce. This model has both a Compressor Light and a Power Indicator Light

Vertical Style

Avanti VM165

The Avanti VM165 is one of a small number of UPRIGHT Freezers with a 5.8 cu ft capacity, with the following features:~ • 5 Storage Shelves
• Full Range Temperature Control
• Reversible Door - Left or Right Swing
• Front Leveling Legs
• Integrated Door Handle
• Manual Defrost System

Avanti VM301W

This Avanti VM301W is one of the SMALLEST of all the freezers in the Avanti range as it is only 2.9 cu ft. It comes with FOUR removable Clear-View Storage Drawers and has FULL RANGE Temperature Control.

One of the important features of this freezer is that it is ADA Compliant, which means that it is designed to be extra accessible to people with disabilities and comes with an easy to open , integrated handle.

It is a Small ‘Footprint’ freezer as it comes with SPACE SAVING Flush Back Design. In addition it has Front Leveling Legs, so that it will sit securely, even when the ground is a little uneven and is has an option of a Left or Right Swing door as the door is fully Reversible.

Avanti VM302W

With a capacity of 2.9 the Avanti VM302W is the smallest vertical freezer and very similar to the VM301, but only has TWO fixed wire shelves, giving THREE separate freezer compartments of equal size.

This freezer has a full range TEMPERATURE CONTROL and is ADA Compliant, meaning that it is very suitable for people with disabilities.

This freezer has a space saving FLUSH BACK design and a recessed INTEGRATED Door Handle, giving a very compact look. The door also has a left / right REVERSIBLE swing and has LEVELING LEGS, making this a very versatile unit.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes

Avanti Pros

  • affordable freezer
  • compact
  • commercial model available
  • good space management
  • reliable

    Avanti Cons

  • some defective customer service
  • limited choice

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