Avanti VM165 Vertical Freezer WHITE 5.8 cu ft (Flush Back Design)

Five storage shelves : Reversible Door :  Integrated Door Handle

Five storage shelves : Reversible Door : Integrated Door Handle

This Avanti VM165 is a vertical freezer, which is a great size for those smaller places. With FIVE removable clear storage drawers, you have 5.8 cu ft of space to arrange all your freezer products.

This is stylish looking, that has a clever space saving facility at the back, allowing the unit to fit FLUSH to the wall, and has smart, integrated handle which adds to its sleek appearance.
It has a reversible door and leveling legs, which means that this is a very versatile freezer and can fit almost anywhere. You can easily adjust the temperature with the manual control, which has a temperature range from +5 to -5 F.

    Interior Features

  • This is an upright freezer that comes in a compact size and with a reversible door option. This is a freezer that versatile enough to fit in a wide range of spaces, because of these features.
  • It has good storage capacity as it comes with FIVE good size storage shelves.
  • This is also a nice compact size, standing only 56"high, and having a fairly small 'footprint', which means that it can be fitted into a small space.
  • It comes with Full Range variable temperature controls, with a range between +5 and -5 degrees F.
  • Not only is it compact in size but has a FLUSH BACK design, which means that there is no ugly bulky unit sticking out normal the room and it takes up less space that Norman, because of this feature.

      Exterior Features

  • This is a compact freezer that has a fresh whits finish. It has a smart, integrated door handle, which keeps the lines of the freezer nice and smooth.
  • There is no need to be concerned about your uneven floor as there are leveling legs at the front to compensate for any rough flooring.
  • The door is reversible which make this a versatile unit, which can be adjusted to fit with left or right hand hinge.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 ¾ Inches
    Height: 56 ½ Inches
    Width: 21 ¾ Inches
    Total Volume: 5.8 Cu. Ft.


  • This is so compact with the small footprint and flush back that it is very good for a person with limited space, or for such uses as in schools to offices, where space is a little limited.


  • This is not a frost free freezer so it requires defrosting.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • compact size
  • flush back gives more room
  • useful leveling legs
  • good temperature range
  • small footprint
  • nice looking integrated handle.

  • no defrost
  • no storage baskets

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