Avanti WC30SSR - 30 Bottles Built-In Wine SIngle-Zone Wine Cooler ADA-Compliant

Soft Interior Lighting :  Freeestanding OR Built-In

Soft Interior Lighting : Freeestanding OR Built-In

This SLIM look sophisticated black and stainless Avanti WC30SSR wine cooler, is a SINGLE ZONE unit which stores up to 30 bottles of wine.

It is styled in black and stainless steel with elegant curved front and chrome shelving.
One key advantage of this unit is that it can be BUILT IN or remain a FREE-STANDING cooler and has elegant electronic temperature controls and soft interior lighting. Being ADA compliant it is more easily accessible for those with disabilities.

    Interior Features

  • Storing up to 30 BOTTLES of wine this wine cooler can either remain as a free standing cooler or be built into a cabinet.
  • There is a SOFT INTERIOR LIGHT, which has an on off switch and the temperature controls are electronic, with an INTEGRATED SOFT-TOUCH DISPLAY.
  • This cooler has the advantage of having a SECURITY LOCK.
  • Being ADA COMPLIANT this cooler has been specially designed for easy use for those with disabilities and having an auto-defrost means that the chore of defrosting this unit is eliminated.

      Exterior Features

  • The cabinet of the cooler is black with a DOUBLE-PANE TEMPERED GLASS DOOR with stainless steel door frame.
  • There is an elegant CURVED GRAB HANDLE and a stainless toe grill at the base for ventilation.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 Inches
    Height: 34 Inches
    Width: 15 Inches
    Total Capacity: 30 bottles
    Power 110V / 60HZ
    Weight 73 Lbs.
    Shipping Weight 79 Lbs.


  • This is sheer elegance with the ELEGANT curving front and black cabinet. Having an ADA compliant model is an advantage for those that need additional assistance with accessing the unit.
  • The no stress AUTOMATIC DEFROSTING system is a great advantage too.
  • Having a model that has the versatility of being either a built in model or freestanding is great as there are no restrictions on location.
  • The SOFT INTERNAL LIGHTING makes it so much easier to see all the wine that is stored inside.


  • This is not a duel zone chiller so only has ONE TEMPERATURE so you cant chill two different wines at the same time as you can with a duel zone cooler.
  • The HANDLE sticks out quite a way and can be a disadvantage if space is a consideration.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • elegant styling
  • interior soft lighting
  • electronic temperature control
  • integrated soft touch display
  • double pane door frame
  • freestanding of built-in
  • ADA compliant

  • door handle sticks out
  • not single zone

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