Biscuit Whirlpool GX2FHDXVY 21.7 cu ft French-Door Non-Dispensing Refrigerator with 'ADS' Defrost

Accu-Chill Temperature Management System : Full-Width Pantry

Accu-Chill Temperature Management System : Full-Width Pantry

Accu-Chill Temperature Management System : Full-Width Pantry

This Biscuit colored Whirlpool GX2FHDXVY is a French-door refrigerator and it comes in five stunning colors to suit all tastes and all colors schemes.

With the popular French-door opening, the Whirlpool Gold GX5FHDXVY refrigerator is pure, sheer elegance and is also energy efficient being Energy StarĀ® compliant, which will make you a significant savings on your monthly fuel costs.
With a cubic capacity of 24.8 cubic foot this refrigerator is fitted with Whirlpool?s Adaptive Defrost System (ADS) as well as their famous Accu-Chill Temperature Management System

    Interior Features

  • This REFRIGERATOR comes with a Full-Width Pantry which is able to store a variety of large items and platters, from cakes to cheeses for party time as well as have Adjustable Glass Shelves, which can be easily and quickly wiped clean, when little spills happen.
  • Humidity-controlled containers are an increasingly popular feature and with the Accu-Chill Temperature Management System and you may be sure that the Clear Humidity-Controlled Crisper will keep your fresh fruit and salads in tip top fresh crispness for longer.
  • The FREEZER comes with its own Factory-Installed Automatic Ice Maker, which removed the need to make your own ice cubes.
  • Find what you need from the freezer, quickly and easily with the Upper Slide-Out Freezer Basket as well as another lower freezer basket.
  • Other features include a door Can Caddy, a Hanging Deli Drawer and a useful freezer light as well
  • This model comes with an Adaptive Defrost System which effectively works out when your freezer needs to go through a defrost cycle .
  • Being Energy Star compliant this refrigerator will make you considerable savings on your running costs - by up to about 15% as well as being a unit that is environmentally friendly.
  • There are Adjustable Gallon Door Bins, which can accommodate large containers of milk or juice and which enables you to customize the layout of the door to your requirements.

      Exterior Features

  • This Whirlpool refrigerator is available in FIVE great color choices Black (GX2FHDXVB) Biscuit (GX2FHDXVT) White on White (GX2FHDXVQ) Monochromatic Satina (GX2FHDXVA) and Monochromatic Stainless Steel (GX2FHDXVY).
  • This stylish French-door refrigerator has smooth contoured styled doors and the Satina Stainless Look has the added advantage over conventional Stainless models of being magnetic, so that fridge magnets may be used on it, if desired.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 34 7/16 Inches
    Height: 70 1/8 Inches
    Width: 32 5/8 Inches
    Freezer Capacity: 6.3 Cu. Ft.
    Refrigerator Capacity: 15.4 Cu. Ft.
    Total Capacity: 21.7 Cu. Ft.


  • Having the Accu-Chill Temperature Management System is an advantage as it is designed to provide accurate temperature control through your unit with foam-in-place ?doors and a 'double-tub' construction in both the refrigerator compartment and the freezer section.
  • Not having a bulky dispenser in this refrigerator is a real advantage as it gives so much more available storage space. If you want some cold water it is simple to keep a jug handy.
  • It is always an advantage to have a defrost feature and the Adaptive Defrost System monitors the compressor and depending on how much the unit is used, implements the defrost cycle. This means that fewer cycles are necessary and your food preservation is improved and it is also energy efficient.


  • Some customers felt that the space in the freezer compartment was insufficient and should have been designed with a larger freezer area.
  • Some customers considered that for the price there should have been a door alarm to alert when the door was not shut properly.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • nice layout
  • good size and good capacity
  • great variety of containers and bins
  • great price
  • great looking unit
  • Energy Star
  • transparent bins are so good
  • full-with pantry for large items

  • no door alarm
  • would like more freezer space

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