BLACK CHEST Frigidaire FFC0723GB Freezer (manual defrost) 7.2 cu ft

NOT Energy Star® : Manual Defrost  : Power On Light

NOT Energy Star® : Manual Defrost : Power On Light

One of the few black chest freezer that is currently on the market is the Frigidaire FFC0723GB,with a capacity of 7.2 cu ft. With its Full-Access Sliding Storage Baskets, you can keep all the frozen food you want to access quickly, while being able to easily slide the baskets across to access the lower part of the chest. There are some very useful Bin Dividers, which also enable you to compartmentalize your freezer to make the interior organization much easier and quicker. There is a Power On Indicator light to let you know the freezer is working and a defrost water drain.

    Interior Features

  • This freezer has very good organization options as it is supplied with StorMor™ Full-Access Sliding STORAGE BASKETS, which can be slid to and fro to easily access all the frozen food stored in the main body of the freezer.
  • The Baskets are SLIDING baskets which can also be LIFTED right out should this be required.
  • BIN DIVIDER are a great asset in the lower part of the freezer as this gives you many opportunities to COMPARTMENTALIZE your freezer to your own requirements and ease of access.
  • This is a manual defrost freezer which has a very useful DEFROST WATER DRAIN, which enables you to easily remove any excess water during the defrosting process.

      Exterior Features

  • This is one of the few BLACK Chest freezer.
  • You will know at a glance that the freezer is on and working, with the Power-On Indicator Light, which is situated at the front of the freezer.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 23 ¼ Inches

    Height: 34 ¼ Inches
    Width: 35 Inches
    Total Volume: 7.2 Cu. Ft.


  • Knowing that most chest freezers are offered in white it is a great advantage to have a freezer that comes in the alternative BLACK finish.
  • The BIN DIVIDERS are a great advantage as this allows you to ‘personalize your freezer and organize the content in a way that is most easy for you.
  • It is an advantage having a freezer that has a POWER ON Light… as this gives you the reassurance that your freezer is on and working.


  • This is NOT an Energy Star® rated chest freezer so would not be as energy efficient as a comparable one with this feature.
  • Defrosting is always a bit of a chore and this is a freezer that has a MANUAL DEFROST.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • compact
  • comes in black
  • ideal size for small family
  • good storage organization opportunities
  • dependable
  • runs efficiently
  • light and easy to move
  • freezes quickly
  • fairly quiet

  • over freezes ice creams
  • manual defrost

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