BLACK Kenmore (16949) Chest-Freezer (Frost Indicator Light) 8.8 cu ft

Interior LIght : 308 lbs of Food :  Temperature Alarm System

Interior LIght : 308 lbs of Food : Temperature Alarm System

With a black exterior the Kenmore 16949 chest freezer will be a real asset to your home, with its good looks and functionality. This 8.8 cu ft capacity freezer holds 308 lbs of frozen foods. It comes with two convenient lift out baskets to store all the food you need quick access to. It comes with a security lock a visual and audible temperature alarm, an interior light and manual defrost system.

    Interior Features

  • This freezer can hold up to 308 lbs of frozen food and to comes with TWO LIFT OUR Freezer Baskets which offer convenient space to store food that need to accessed quickly or are frequently used.
  • A security lock protects your food from interference and reduces any hazards from curious young children.
  • There is a visible and Audible ALARM that alerts you when the temperature of the freezer rises about 23°F.
  • You will be able to see into all the corners of this freezer as it has a good INTERIOR LIGHT , that illuminates the whole of the freezer chest very well.
  • With the external POWER LIGHT you can see at a glance that your freezer is on and working.
  • Other features include: Frost INDICTOR button and an interior temperature control button.

      Exterior Features

  • This is one of the few freezers that is offered in BLACK as most freezers are only offered in plain white finish.
  • The DOOR comes with a lovely textured finish and is opened with a metal Pull Handle.

      Dimension Specifications

    Total Volume 308 lbs

    Total Capacity: 8.8 Cu. Ft.


  • This is a QUIET functioning freezer which a number of customers mentioned.
  • This is one of the few freezers that is offered in an ALTERNATIVE COLOR to the traditional white, and this was regarded by customers as a real advantage.
  • Customers were pleased that this is a LOCKABLE freezer and liked this, both as a safety feature, when young children are around and a good security feature too.
  • A number of customers commented that this freezer had a GOOD SEAL and kept the temperature well.


  • One customer found that they had a problem with the INTERNAL DRAINAGE PLUG that is used during defrosting.
  • One customer found that the LOCK did not always catch properly which led to some be nervous that the lid was poorly designed.
  • A number of customers would have liked this to have an Energy Star® compliant freezer frustration.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • roomy
  • good size
  • color
  • has a lock
  • good sealing
  • temperature alarm
  • quiet model
  • good price
  • not much frost build up lightweight but durable
  • matches with kitchen décor well
  • lift out baskets

  • problem with internal drain plug
  • no drain to hose
  • lock not reliable
  • interior temperature control
  • NOT Energy Star®
  • manual defrost

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