BLACK Kenmore (71309) "Freezer on Bottom" 3-Door (French-Door) Refrigerator 22.7 cu ft

(comes in FOUR alternative finishes)

(comes in FOUR alternative finishes)

(comes in FOUR alternative finishes)

The Kenmore model 71309 is a stylish model in an elegant BLACK finish. For practical cooling in a stylish design, this unit offers shelves and PULL OUT CLEAR BINS for easy access to food and produce. The unit comes in stylish black finish and French doors that facilitate easy access to your food.

    Main Key Features

  • The Kenmore bottom freezer model 71309 is a refrigerator model with a good mix of practical and convenience features.
  • This is an ENERGY STAR qualified appliance that saves up to 20% of power unlike other units that guzzle power.
  • No need for ice trays with the INSTALLED ICE MAKER. With this feature, you get instant ice cubes whenever you need them.
  • You can easily set controls with the ELECTRONIC CONTROLS and the DIGITAL DISPLAY. The controls are conveniently located up front for easy access.
  • The unit comes with two HUMIDITY CONTROLLED CRISPERS to keep fruits and vegetables crunchy and fresh.
  • The bottom freezer design makes reaching for foods in the back of the compartment very EASY and convenient.
  • SPILL PROOF GLASS SHELVING keeps spills confined in one level with the raised edges that prevent spills from flowing over the top.
  • The MULTI-AIR FLOW SYSTEM delivers uniform cold air all throughout the unit so that your food stays fresh all the time.
  • The unit is STYLISHLY DESIGNED, with smooth and contoured doors and hidden hinges and aluminum handles for that sleek and elegant look.
  • The INTERIOR LIGHT is perfect for getting things in and out of the fridge without any problems.
  • The unit comes in stylish Black (713039) and elegant French doors that will fit in any elegant kitchen.
  • This model also is available in White (71302) Stainless Steel (71303) Bisque (71304) Ultra Satin (71306)

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 32-1/2 in.
    Height 69-1/8 in.
    Width 32-7/8 in.
    Capacity 22.7 cu. ft.


    One of the main advantages of this unit is that it comes with super WIDE SHELVES and bins. This makes it great for storing for platters that you can take out and serve right away.
    The wide doors also make getting food in and out very easy to do. The unit also comes with shelving placed conveniently on the door for EASY ACCESS. Door shelves are also very STURDY and capable of holding up gallons of milk and other beverages.
    The ENERGY STAR certification ensures that users get to save on power and reduce energy bills.


  • Some users have a problem with the ICE which tend to pile up in the bottom.
  • The LIGHT BULBS also tends to become too hot. Some complain that the lights get so hot that they melt the light cover.
  • The ELECTRONIC CONTROLS also tend to break down first.
  • The unit also comes with NO SOUND REDUCTION. Some users also look for installed water dispensers and filters which the unit does not have.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Super wide shelving
  • Wide doors makes getting stuff in and out easy to do
  • Energy star helps save on energy bills
  • Convenient placement of durable shelving

  • Ice maker tends to pile ice on the bottom of the container
  • Electronic controls tend to break down first
  • No sound reduction features
  • No installed water filtration and dispenser system

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    Sep 27, 2012
    by: Jporter ous

    This fridge is only one year old. Thank goodness I was talked into the service contract. I have had two repairs in the last two weeks. The first was the latch on the right hand door. I guess this is common. When the repair man was here, I mentioned that the top shelf was freezing stuff. I had already called customer service regarding that problem but they had no record. Anyway the man unloaded the fridge and found a bad sensor and another part bad. The parts are on order and should be fixed next week. I am concerned because the unit is only one year old and already I will have about $700.00 in parts and labor. I am NOT eligible for a replacement as I need four repairs in a year. I am with the others that will NEVER buy another Sears product. I did not get any satisfaction in talking to a Sears Technical Specialist. And the doors are never closed it seems-another bad feature of this machine

    Sep 14, 2012
    by: Anonymous

    We have had this model only 16 months and it sounds like an airplane taking off. It is very annoying.

    Aug 26, 2011
    by: Elaine

    This refrigerator makes a very loud pop/bang which Sears said was normal. I can hear it from anywhere in my 4000 SF house.

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