Black Kenmore ELITE 71079 28 cu ft 2-Drawer French Door Refrigerator (Advanced Cooling System)

Full Width Pantry : Energy Star :  Exterior Electronic Controls

Full Width Pantry : Energy Star : Exterior Electronic Controls

Like all Kenmore Elite refrigerators, the fresh, stunning design of this black Energy Star® French Door fridge, with TWO spacious pullout freezer drawers, the 71079 gives more space and better freshness that ever before, letting the customer make use of even more usable space.

It comes with a wide and spacious gourmet pantry drawer and is designed with slim, indoor ice, giving a more roomy appliance.
Its GeniusCool Technology ensure a energy efficient quiet operation, producing the more popular cubed shaped ice cubes as well as an option for crushed ice as well.

    Interior Features

  • This is a refrigerator that has great advantages with the famous Élite, advanced cooling MULTI-AIR FLOW system, which give improved cooling throughout the entire refrigerator cabinet.
  • A clear HUMIDITY CONTROLLED crisper is airtight and retain moisture in vegetables up to four times longer than conventional crispers, giving improved taste and longer lasting freshness.
  • Shelving is easy clean spill proof glass and the 4 shelves are slide out and adjustable for improved organization to your own requirements.
  • This Elite refrigerator has a SLIM, INTEGRAL through the door, ice and water DISPENSER, is designed to offer more storage space than other ice and water dispensing, bottom freezer refrigerators and the layout.
  • There is also a useful DISPENSER LOCKOUT facility and which has a dispenser light for added convenience.
  • The WATER FILTER is located in the fresh food compartment and has a long 6 month filter life.
  • This refrigerator produces both crushed ice and ICE CUBES that are more like the popular, traditional cubes, and which fit easily into a glass.
  • You will love the gourmet PANTRY DRAWER which is full width and a great asst for those party occasions.
  • GeniusCool Technology and Energy Star® status means that your refrigerator is ENERGY EFFECT and allows for a very smooth and QUIET operation.
  • There is no messy defrosting with this refrigerator as it has a FROST FREE defrost feature.

      Exterior Features

  • The BLACK two door French Door Kenmore (71079) comes in TWO further colors: White (71072) and Stainless Steel (71073). The door is a CONTOURED smooth door design and the refrigerator handles are a standard long self colored metal ones, giving a very SLEEK appearance.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 32 7/8 Inches
    Height: 69 ¾ Inches
    Width: 35 ¾ Inches
    Total Volume: 28Cu. Ft.
    Freezer Section: 8.68. Ft.
    Refrigerator Section: 18.82 Cu. Ft.


  • Customers liked the various STORAGE OPTIONS, and having adjustable shelving, means that the interior can be customized for your own requirements, or altered to accept taller items.
  • Some customers commented that the DISPENSER is easy to use and easily fills awkward size pitchers and jugs.
  • One customer commented that the cubed ice was an advantage, not only that it kept beverages really cool but that the cubes do not all freeze together in a block.
  • Customers felt that the TWO DRAWERS was a great advantage as it helped with improved organization.
  • Many customers liked the WIDTH of the Deli Tray, but one noted that due to its width it necessitated the both doors being opened when you want to pull it out to use.
  • One customer was delighted with the SPACIOUS INTERIOR and commented that they found that they had far more Usable Space that a refrigerator with the same dimensions.. up to 4 cu ft more capacity!


  • One customer was disappointed that this refrigerator has such WEAK RUNNERS for the drawers, which causes the drawers to drop and become lopsided.
  • One complaint was that the ICE MAKER RESERVOIR was relatively small for the amount that was needed and that the additional ICE BUCKET takes up rather a lot of space in the freezer.
  • One customer noted that the DISPENSER dispensed water very slowly but discovered it to be a faulty appliance.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • good looking
  • lighting
  • extra roomy
  • adjustable shelving
  • double freezer drawer
  • quiet
  • full width pantry drawer
  • cubed ice
  • sleek looking
  • slow dispenser

  • weak freezer drawer rails
  • no temp. controlled meat bin
  • no power outage indicator

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    Oct 05, 2013
    freezer drawers
    by: Anonymous

    Ever summer the back of the freezer frosts up and the drawers do not shut tightly. Once the ice built up has been removed, it goes back to normal. Fortunately I bought the maintenance agreement!

    I'm not sure what causes this, but engineering might want to look into a better way.

    I bought this one in 2012 and paid amost $3000 for the specialty features of two freezer drawers. I don't feet I'm getting my money's worth.

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