bosch 2 door fridge KGN53X

by Alan
(Pennant Hills)

When new (4/1/2010) it froze everything in the crispers even a the highest temperature settings.

It was replaced but the new one did the same thing.

After a couple of weeks and many calls and delays the serviceman was given a modification kit which consisted of insulation around some part of the cooling tunnel in the fridge section. This was after being assured from Bosch that they had never had the problem before.

This fixed the problem but the fridge freezer still had to be operated at the highest (warmest) setting or the crispers froze contents solid, but I was fed up with continuous calls and delays, so accepted this.

Now at 20/11/2011 it started freezing in the crisper again and the cabinet is down to neart freezing again. The service from Bosch is very poor, the service subcontractor has to wait weeks or longer for the required parts, even having to wait for parts to be shipped from Germany.

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