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Bosch has long been one of the LEADERS when it comes to electric home appliances and for a good reason. Its units are DURABLE, very RELIABLE, and made of QUALITY MATERIALS. Bosch freezers are among the MOST POPULAR PRODUCTS from this brand. Read on to know all about the advantages of Bosch freezers and why getting one now is the best decision you can make.

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Bosch Integra Series B24ID80SRS Built-In Dispensing Freezer 12.2 cu. ft. STAINLESS Not rated yet
This elegant STAINLESS STEEL 12.2 cu capacity dispensing freezer from Bosch is part of the INTRGRA range and is very similar to the smaller , narrower …

Bosch Integra Series B18ID80SRS STAINLESS STEEL Built-In Dispensing Freezer 8.5 cu. ft. Not rated yet
This elegant STAINLESS STEEL dispensing freezer from Bosch is part of the INTRGRA range of high class cooling systems and has a cubic capacity of 8.5 cu. …

Bosch B24IF70NSP Integra CUSTOM~PANEL Freezer 12.2 cu ft (Integrated Cooling System) Not rated yet
The Bosch B24IF70NSP is one of the INTRGRA range of Freezer, with a 12.2 cu ft capacity and a reversible door that takes custom paneling. With its automatic …

Bosch "INTEGRA" B18ID80NRP Thru the Door DISPENSING Built~IN Freezer 8.5 cu ft (Food Preservation System) Not rated yet
The Bosch 18 Inch Integra B18ID80NRP is an 8.5 cu ft capacity, Upright Style Built-in Fully Flush DISPENSING Freezer in Custom Panel. With a right~sided …

Bosch BUILT-IN Integra 15.9 cu ft Upright B30IF70SLS Stainless Freezer (QUIET Function) Not rated yet
The B30IF70SLS is one of the INTEGRA range of Bosch Built-In Freezers and comes in a lovely Stainless Steel finish with a left hand door hinge, and although …

Bosch INTRGRA B24IF70SLS Upright Stainless Steel BUILT-IN Freezer 12.4 cu ft Not rated yet
With a two year warranty the Energy Star® compliant Bosch B24IF70SLS is a Stainless Steel BUILT-IN Freezer with a cubic capacity of 12.4 cu ft. Being …

Bosch Upright "INTEGRA" Freezer B24ID80NRP  Not rated yet
This 24" Bosch "INTEGRA" B24ID80NRP with its Right Hinge Door Swing is a built in freezer , which has a 12.2 cu. ft. capacity, and comes with 2 Adjustable …

Bosch "INTEGRA" Built-In 15.9 cu ft. Upright FREEZER B30IF70NSP Energy Star (Integrated Cooling System)  Not rated yet
The Bosch 30" 'Integra' B30IF70NSP is a Fully Flush Freezer in Custom Panel with a Left Door Swing. This comes with the HIGH STANDARDS of engineering …

Bosch Integra Upright B18IF70NSP 18" BUILT-IN Freezer 8.5 cu. ft. (SUPER-FREEZE) Not rated yet
The Bosch Integra Upright B18IF70NSP is an 18 Inch Built-in Fully Flush Freezer in Custom Panel, with 2 Adjustable Metal Shelves and Full-Extension Drawers. …

BOSCH B18IF70SLS " Integra" BUILT-IN Upright Stainless Steel Freezer 8.5 cu-ft Integrated Cooling  Not rated yet
Bosch have a range of 'Integra' Freezers including the B18IF70SLS, which is a Upright Stainless Steel model. This it s BUILT-IN freezer, which can be …

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Freezer Overview


For over 100 years have sought to combine QUALITY with RELIABILITY and GREAT PERFORMANCE with GREAT DESIGNS - attempting to incorporate into their appliances the needs of the customer.

Different Types of Bosch Freezers and their Key Features

Bosch produces three kinds of freezers:

  1. chest freezers,
  2. freestanding, and the
  3. built-in freezer.
Bosch upright freezers come in various capacities, mostly in white, and come with such basic features as ENERGY STAR ratings, height ADJUSTABLE front legs, classic exteriors, REVERSIBLE doors, and a varied number of shelving depending on the size and capacity of your unit.

Freestanding Freezers

Bosch produces STYLISH and modern freestanding freezers in the Logi range, Exxcel freezer, and Avanti freezer range. They also produce the Classi freezer range.

The Logi range is composed of the Logi UNDER-COUNTER freezer with a total net capacity of 97 liters, 4 FREEZER DRAWERS, reversible doors, and height adjustable front feet.

Also included in the Logi UPRIGHT freezer is the GSN40A32GB, which is an upright freezer with glass shelving, 5 freezer drawers, reversible doors, and height adjustable front feet. It also comes with super freezing features and an optical and acoustic warning system.

Bosch also produce the INTRGRA range of Freezer. This style can be both Freestanding or Built in.

"INTEGRA" Freezers

Like the B24ID80NRP, all Integra freezers come with a Compressor and an Evaporator that does a great job of ELIMINATING The SMELLS and the transferring of odors. This range of freezer also has an additional COOLING CHANNEL behind the DOOR of the freezer , which keeps items stored in the door at the optimum temperature, without any temperature change, when loading or unloading foods into the freezer.

One further feature on this Integrated Cooling System are the TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED DRAWER system, where food in the body of the freezer can be stored at the optimum temperature –all of which are adjustable with the electronic controls. Most of the Integra Range of FREEZER are reviewed in our BOSCH FREEZER REVIEW

As well as the Fully Integrated Market Fresh Food PRESERVATION SYSTEM, other features that most of the INTRGRA Cooling freezers enjoy are the Super-Cool SUPER-FREEZE feature, Max Bright Lighting System and ALL are Energy Star® Qualified.

Built-in freezers are grouped under the Exxcel, Logi, and the Avanti range. Freezers in this range usually have smaller capacities usually at 97L, with 4 freezer drawers, reversible doors, and a flat hinge.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers from Bosch sport more or less the same features. They have the manual defrost settings, internal lighting, and counterbalanced lids as well as adjustable legs. They are often more able to keep your food in constant temperature even during a blackout and can safely keep food items in storage for up to 50 hours without power.

Chest freezers from Bosch are fairly large, so neatness and organization are a must in order to lower the risk of food getting back because they get lost in the cavernous spaces of the freezer.

Popular Bosch Models and Main Features

Upright Freezers

One best seller is the Bosch Classi GSD10N21GB, which has a gross capacity of 106 L, a reversible door that hinges right, a 4-star freezer rating, drawer stops to prevent the tipping-off of contents, an internal door temperature gauge, and an all-around removable magnetic door seal. The unit also sports height adjustable feet at the front, a freezing element that ensures even temperatures and the super freeze features. The unit also has an optical high temperature warning system and a temperature gauge in door.

From the Classi range, you have the spacious GSD34N11GB, which saves up on floor space with its vertical design. It sports removable magnetic door seals, 8 freezer drawers of varied capacities, reversible doors, super freezing functions, and freezer storage time of 18 hours in the event of a power outage.

Chest Freezers

A popular choice for business owners is the large GTM38A00GB from Bosch, which has a capacity of 365-L, comes in white and sports such features as the manual defrost system, internal lighting in the freezer, counterbalanced lid, three baskets, and visual warning signals for temperature and malfunctions.

For those who need a medium-sized freezer, the Bosch GTM30A30GB is the perfect choice. This comes with a manual defrost function, internal lighting, and a counterbalanced lid. The unit comes in white, has two baskets, with a removable dividing wall and height adjustable front feet. It also has the super freezing functions, the visual warning system, and economy settings.

Another medium chest freezer is the GTM30A00GB, which is another manual defrost freezer, with internal lighting and counterbalanced lid. Food items can be organized neatly with the baskets.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes

Bosch Pros

  • Bosch freezers are known for their DURABILITY

  • They are also popular because of their COMPACT SIZE.

  • Bosch units also known for their STYLE.

  • STAINLESS STEEL units are stylish and modern and fit most kitchens well.

  • Bosch freezer units are also famous for their LONGEVITY so you can expect your unit to last a long time.

  • Bosch freezers also make ICE CUBES fairly fast and well and

  • TEMPERATURES can be easily programmed.

    Bosch Cons

  • A common complaint with Bosch freezers is that they tend to fill up with FROST real fast.

  • Frost can be a problem with the CHEST FREEZERS as items tend to get 'buried' under the frost and forgotten.

  • The NOISE is also another source of complaint for users.

  • Bosch units, although small, tend to be NOISY especially upon start-up, and this would go on constantly as long as the unit is on.

  • Another problem is that the AUDIBLE ALARMS often do not seem to work even with brand new units.
  • FREEZER DOORS must be opened wide all the way to give access to the shelves.

  • Finally, Bosch SHELVING for their freezers tend to be poorly designed and the bottom shelf is so flimsy that it is almost useless.

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