Bosch "INTEGRA" B18ID80NRP Thru the Door DISPENSING Built~IN Freezer 8.5 cu ft (Food Preservation System)

Energy Star: IceMaker : Economy, Vacation and Sabbath Mode

Energy Star: IceMaker : Economy, Vacation and Sabbath Mode

The Bosch 18 Inch Integra B18ID80NRP is an 8.5 cu ft capacity, Upright Style Built-in Fully Flush DISPENSING Freezer in Custom Panel.

With a right~sided sturdy OPTIFLEX Hinge and a smart stainless Through~The~Door DISPENSER this is a energy efficient Energy Star® freezer which comes with automatic defrost, Quick Freeze and Filtered~Water Ice~Maker.
With an automatic defrost, QUICKFREEZE and ICE-MAKING facility this Energy Star® rated dispensing freezer is a stylish BUILT-IN finish.

    Interior Features

  • This is a great little freezer with and 8.5 cu ft capacity with a THRU the Door Ice and Water Dispenser, which uses its own pure filtered water. There is even an Filter INDICATOR LIGHT, which alerts to, when it is time to replace the filter.
  • The Dispenser produces both cubed and crushed ice as well a ice cold water and has an ANTISTICK feature, fold-out pitcher flap, which is designed to accept even large pitchers.
  • As with all Integra freezer this is an Energy Star® compliant unit which means that you will not only have an environmentally friendly "green" freezer but you will save up to 20% on your energy bills.
  • Other great energy saving features include the THREE different modes that can be set for your convenience: 1) Economy Mode 2)
    Vacation Mode 3) Sabbath Mode.
  • These can all be selected with the easy to use, electronic temperature controls, which have a temperature setting between -9 to 7°F.
  • You have a good range of storage with the TWO adjustable metal shelves and an Upper and Lower FULL EXTENSION Drawers ~ as well as FIVE door bins.
  • The MAXBRIGHT Lighting System is a great success with customers as it has 2 Halogen Lights, which give exceptionally good illumination throughout the freezer.

      Exterior Features

  • Although this does not have the option of a reversible door, there is a RIGHT Handed freezer (B18ID80NRP) as demonstrated and a LEFT Handed one (B18ID80NLP). Placing two Side-by-Side or teaming with a Bosch refrigerator, adds to the options.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 Inches
    Height: 84 Inches
    Width: 18 Inches
    Total Volume: 8.5 Cu. Ft.


  • The Bright Halogen Lighting system in the Integra range of freezer has become a much liked feature of many customers as it gives such good illumination throughout the whole unit.
  • The whole energy saving package in the Integra freezer is also a big plus for customers, including the Energy Star® rating, the THREE different mode selections (Energy : Vacation : Sabbath) and the useful Open Door ALARM that alerts you if the freezer door has inadvertently been left ajar.
  • It is a big advantage having a TRHU the Door dispenser, especially for those that use the ice making facility and like to have their ice can water quickly and easily dispensed from the freezer.
  • Similarly the Super Freeze setting is a great advantage when freezing fresh produce as it makes sure that frozen food already stored are not adversely affected by the warmer food being added and the fresh produce is frozen at a much quicker rate that using normal freezer temperature settings.


  • As with all the Integra range of freezer the biggest bugbear from customers is the steep price of this freezer for the cubic capacity of the unit.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Superfreeze feature
  • Energy Star®
  • economy, vacation and Sabbath modes
  • filtered cubed and crushed ice
  • great dispenser
  • hardy hinge
  • good looks
  • fully integrated cooling system

  • expensive for the size

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