Bosch "INTEGRA" Built-In 15.9 cu ft. Upright FREEZER B30IF70NSP Energy Star (Integrated Cooling System)

 Economy, Vacation, Sabbath Mode : Full Extension Drawers

Economy, Vacation, Sabbath Mode : Full Extension Drawers

The Bosch 30" 'Integra' B30IF70NSP is a Fully Flush Freezer in Custom Panel with a Left Door Swing. This comes with the HIGH STANDARDS of engineering that is found in all Bosch freezers and refrigerator and among other things includes:- MAXBRIGHT Lighting System, Economy, Vacation, Sabbath Mode options, a SUPERFREEZE facility and Internal Filtered Ice Maker with Dispenser.

    Interior Features

  • The SUPER FREEZE feature keeps the food in the freezer properly frozen when adding unfrozen food, and is activated by the simple press of a button, allowing the unit to drop to the lowest possible temperature - with this feature, spoilage is therefore reduced and Temperature Fluctuations are MINIMIZED.
  • All the Integra range of Bosch FREEZER are ENERGY STAR® compliant, saving a minimum of 20% on your energy costs.
  • Other energy efficient feature include an OPNE-DOOR ALARM system, as well as VACATION Mode and ECONOMY Mode options.
  • The MAXBRIGHT Lighting System give exceptional illumination throughout the whole of your freezer, with its 2 soft-shine Halogen Lights.
  • An important feature of all Integra freezers is the quiet - almost noiseless functioning of this system, while giving you maximum performance - it has been noted that entertaining in a room where there is an Integra freezer will not be impaired by any freezer noises.
  • Bosch are rightly proud of the OPTIFLEX Hinge, which is a feature of all of the Integra lines if Freezers. This is an ingenious hinge construction that permits the door to be fitted flush to the unit, while smoothly opening to a full 115°.
  • There are TWO good shelves and TWO Full Extension Drawers to give you great storage in this well designed freezer.
  • Other features include an automatic defrost, an Internal Filtered Ice Maker, a Water Change Indicator light, and an ANTISTICK feature found in all Bosch Integra DISPENSING freezers, where a FOLD-OUT PITCHER FLAP is able to accepts the really large.

      Exterior Features

  • Being a Built-In Freezer, you can customize your kitchen to your own plans and specifications. pitchers.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 Inches

    Height: 84 Inches
    Width: 30 Inches
    Total Volume: 15.9 Cu. Ft.


  • One of the main things that customers like about this freezer is the Super Cool INTEGRATED Food Preservation System together with the easy to use Electronic TEMPERATURE setting, which can be easily managed with the simple push of a button.
  • Another great advantage of the entire food preservation system is the setting that ELIMINATES Odor Transfer and elevates the humidity level to keep all your fresh fruit and vegetables totally fresh.
  • The Super Cool FAST FREEZE system is a great as it brings fresh food to the best temperature very quickly and the TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED DRAWER lets you adjust the temperature to the level that is best for you.
  • Food is always easy to find with the great LIGHTING SYSTEM, which provides a lovely glow in the freezer and illuminates every corner of the freezer.


  • As with most of the Bosch range of freezers, the HIGH PRICE for the freezer is the main disadvantage - as the unit is fairly medium size at 15.9 cu ft and yet the recommended price is well over $4000.
  • A number of customes felt that the quality feature and high price is not reflected in the SHORT WARRANTY period that is offered with this freezer.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • highly recommended
  • optiflex hinge
  • quiet function
  • economy, vacation, sabbath mode
  • internal filtered ice maker
  • internal filtered ice maker
  • antistick feature
  • energy star®
  • good looking
  • great design

  • quite a costly freezer
  • short warranty period
  • integrated cooling preservation system

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