Bosch Integra Series B18ID80SRS STAINLESS STEEL Built-In Dispensing Freezer 8.5 cu. ft.

ENERGY STAR® : ACTIVECHIL Rapid Water Replenishment System

ENERGY STAR® : ACTIVECHIL Rapid Water Replenishment System

This elegant STAINLESS STEEL dispensing freezer from Bosch is part of the INTRGRA range of high class cooling systems and has a cubic capacity of 8.5 cu. ft. The B18ID80SRS is an 18" Built-in Fully Flush Freezer Column having TWO Adjustable Metal Shelves. It comes with an Internal Filtered Ice Maker, a Thru the Door, External Dispenser and Electronic Controls.

    Interior Features

  • FULLY INTEGRATED: the cooling system is fully integrated.

  • COOLING DOOR: there is a cooling channel behind the door for efficient cooling
  • ODOR: there is a compressor and evaporator which eliminates odor transfer.
  • SHELVING: there are 2 adjustable metal shelves and 5 door bins.
  • DRAWERS: there are 2 full extension , temperature controlled drawers (one at the top and one at the bottom.
  • MAXBRIGHT Lighting System: this comes with 2 Halogen bulbs.
  • SETTINGS : there the 3 energy saving settings Economy; Vacation and Sabbath.
  • CONTROLS: the controls are electronic.
  • ICEMAKER: there is an internal filtered ice-maker.
  • WATER CHANGE INDICATOR: this is an alert to change the filter.
  • ANTISTICK: this is a foldout jug flap that accommodates large jugs.
  • DISPENSER: there is a through the door ice and water dispenser.
  • ICE CHOICE: cubes and crushed ice are dispensed through the door dispenser.
  • TEMPERATURE: the temperature setting range from -9 to 7°F.
  • ENERGY STAR®: this will save on your energy costs.
  • PITCHER HOLDER: there is a flap to hold lots of different shaped jugs.
  • QUIET OPERATION: the freezer runs quietly, almost silently.
  • DEFROST: there is an automatic defrost system.

      Exterior Features

  • OPTIFLEX Hinge: this is heavy duty and specially designed for ease of opening.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: the cabinet has a good looking stainless steel finish.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 Inches
    Height: 84 Inches
    Width: 18 Inches
    Total Volume: 8.5 Cu. Ft.


  • Having the Bosch Integra refrigeration system means that the freezer works very QUIETLY and runs almost silently, which is a great advantage and it also is a great performer.
  • With the MAXBRIGHT Lighting System, you can see into every corner of the freezer with this excellent illumination.
  • The economy and ENERGY SAVING FEATURES are a big success in the Integra range of freezers, with not only having the Energy Star® status but also the Vacation, Sabbath and Economy modes.
  • There is an ACTIVECHIL Rapid Water Replenishment System to ensure that there is always sufficient chilled water and ice for your needs and an ANTISTICK Pitcher Flap that accommodates all sizes of pitchers and jugs.
  • With the full extension drawers, you can easily access all your frozen foods effortlessly.


  • As with the entire range of Integra freezer, this is a very high priced freezer. Many parents would have preferred to have had a lock on this freezer, as a safety precaution with young children.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • dispenser
  • cubed and crushed ice
  • good jug holder
  • Sabbath, vacation and energy saving modes
  • Energy Star®
  • water change initiator light
  • good range of drawers and shelves and door bins
  • excellent lighting system
  • super-freeze quick-freeze feature

  • costly for the size

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