Bosch INTRGRA B24IF70SLS Upright Stainless Steel BUILT-IN Freezer 12.4 cu ft

Energy Star: Super freeze : MAXBRIGHT Lighting

Energy Star: Super freeze : MAXBRIGHT Lighting

With a two year warranty the Energy Star® compliant Bosch B24IF70SLS is a Stainless Steel BUILT-IN Freezer with a cubic capacity of 12.4 cu ft.

Being an Intrgra freezer, it comes with the INTEGRATED COOLING SYSTEM that is designed to maintain peak freshness while eliminating any unpleasant, lingering odors. This model is a BUILT-IN freezer, which can be customized to blend in beautifully with you kitchen décor .
With the Maxbright lighting system, the Internal filtered Ice-maker and its very quiet functioning this is another example of Bosch engineering skill.

    Interior Features

  • SUPERFEEZE:-Prevents food spoilage by minimizing temperature fluctuations.
  • MAXBRIGHT: Superior lighting system using 2 halogen lights.
  • SETTINGS: Economy mode, Vacation mode, Sabbath mode.
  • OPTIFLEX: Heavy-duty, designer hinge with unique maneuvering operation.
  • STORAGE: 2 Adjustable Metal Shelves : Temp controlled Full Extension Drawers
  • ANTISTICK: Folding Jug-flap that has space for very large pitchers.
  • QUIET: Very quite operating freezer yet high performance.
  • INEGRATED COOLING SYSTEM: Including cooling channel in the door.
  • ICE-MAKER: Internal filtered water for internal ice with water change indicator.
  • ENERGY STAR®: energy efficient and fuel saving freezer.

      Exterior Features

  • This is a Stainless Steel BUILT-IN freezer, but it does not accept custom panels and does not have a reversible door option.
  • Although there is no reversible door option this Integra freezer can be purchased as a LEFT~handed unit (B24IF70SLS) or a RIGHT~handed one (B24IF70SRS).

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 Inches
    Height: 84 Inches
    Width: 24 Inches
    Total Volume: 12.2 Cu. Ft.


  • The SUPERFREEZE feature is one bod advantage of the Integra freezers as it keeps already frozen foods really cold, which quickly freezing large quantities of room temperature, fresh food. It does this by taking the freezer temperature down to its lowest point with the touch of a button, which helps to minimize any temperature fluctuations.
  • All Bosch Integra freezers come with Energy Star® but of course this is a very real advantage freezers that do not have this feature as you will save up to 20% on your household bills.
  • This freezer comes with additional energy saving features including an alarm that tells you if the door is ajar as well as having Vacation Mode and Economy Mode settings all of which are energy saving considerations.
  • What an advantage the lighting system in this freezer is. The MAXBRIGHT Lighting System comes with 2 Halogen Lights, which give excellent illumination throughout the whole freezer.
  • Bosch are justly proud of their quiet functions Integra range of freezers, which is an almost silent system, which being a very high performance cooling unit.
  • The engineering of the OPTIFLEX Hinge is very highly thought of by customers as it is a robust, heavy duty hinge that can support up to 200lbs, giving great flexibility to your storage choices. In addition the way that the door opens is a great advantage as it is designed to open AWAY from the cabinet, which allows it to be mounted FLUSH to the freezer, while opening to 115° without even touching any of the surrounding units.


  • As with all Integra freezer this is an expensive item, for a fairly small capacity freezer of only 12.2 cu ft.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Built In unit
  • Stainless finish
  • automatic defrost
  • ice-maker
  • excellent lighting system
  • Energy Star®
  • super freeze option
  • quiet almost noiseless running
  • super strong hinges and door system
  • vacation and Sabbath modes

  • no freezer lock
  • not reversible doors
  • pricy freezer
  • built-in but no custom panel option

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