Danby (50 Bottle_ Built-In Wine Cooler Refrigerator - Stainless Steel Door

7 Slide out Beechwood Wine Raclk : Auto Defrost

7 Slide out Beechwood Wine Raclk : Auto Defrost

The Danby Silhouette DWC512BLS wine refrigerator

Nothing really compares to my favorite item in my house that is my wine refrigerator. You really need to have a wine cabinet or refrigeration when you are a collector or enjoy wine like I do.

In past I didn't use wine refrigeration and I didn't like certain wines. Now I love all types of wine from red to white. Located in my basement its perfect for every occasion, I just down to stair pick me favor wine.

This so much better than going to the store, no more long lines at the liquor store. Or I save some for later, and most time has a rare kind which will last over time.

I really love the fact I store all types of wine in this cabinet style refrigerator. Secondly I think is great for any one because it has dual temperatures changes for red wine. If this wasn't so heavy and hard two move I rate this product 5 out 5.

Down side of the wine refrigerator is guy would made this product should used another material other than all metal parts in the product. Plastic frame would have done perfect for this item.

To heavy push, pull or moved, so I have no choice to leave it one spot. I wish they would made lightweight model where it has wheels on the bottom. The wheels should only metal parts on the refrigerator.

Overall this product is 4 out 5 and worth the buy at a low afford price. Loving wine got allot more better thanks to this item the Danby Silhouette DWC512BLS wine refrigerator.

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