Danby WINE Cooler-Refrigerator Reviews

Danby has been a manufacturer of small electrical appliances for over 60 YEARS bringing innovative products, including a wide range of wine coolers and refrigerators.

They have built up a reputation for AFFORDABLE home wine cellars and beverage centers have become very popular and they have a capacity from a small, 6-BOTTLE WINE COOLER to large coolers that have a capacity for nearly 200-BOTTLES. The company produce both SINGLE and DUEL TEMPERATURE ZONES, which can be FREESTANDING or BUILT-IN units. The company pride themselves that all their products meet all environmental and SAFETY STANDARDS and they offer a number of certifications including UL, CSA, NRTL, and ETL recognized standards approvals.


Wine Cooler-Refrigerator Overview


Danby market all their products under SEVEN BRAND-NAMES and in the Danby cooler range there are five different lines:-

  1. Danby®,
  2. Danby Designer®,
  3. Danby MaitreD®,
  4. Danby Premiere®,
  5. Danby Silhouette®,

Danby’s boast is that they are committed to EXCELLENT CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE, and after-care service, with a team of technically-trained staff, dedicated to ensuing CONSUMER CARE.

Both FREESTANDING and BUILT-IN units are available as well as a good range of the smaller COUNTER-TOP coolers.

Danby Wine Coolers with Key Features

Size and Zones

Danby have classed the size of their wine coolers into four groups:
    1—20 bottles
    21—60 bottles
    41—65 bottles
    65—200 bottles

Both SINGLE and DUEL ZONE temperature coolers are available, in the larger capacity coolers. These temperature zones are individually controlled for the storage of red and white wines at the optimum temperatures with settings that range between:- 4°C - 18°C (39°F – 64°F)


The Danby range of wine coolers and cellars come in a range of finishes and colors including:-
  1. All—Black
  2. Black with Platinum
  3. Black with Stainless Steel
  4. Stainless Steel
The black cabinet that feature in many of their models seeks to emulate the more traditional wine cellars.


The smaller wine coolers feature the ENERGY EFFICIENT SEMI-CONDUCTOR COOLING TECHNOLOGY, which is a SILENT operation and causes NO VIBRATIONS, which can disturb the sedimentary deposits in the wine.

Some models come with precise DIGITAL THERMOSTAT with LED display. This allows for the temperature to be accurately set and easily monitored.

The cool blue LED lighting on a number of models, illuminates the interior of the cooler, without raising the cabinet heat of an incandescent bulb.

A few models have an ‘INTUITIVE’ push button thermostat, which can be set anywhere from 10°C - 18°C (50°F - 64.4°F)


The COLOR and TRIM on the shelving in each model reflects the color and trim of the cooler. Some cabinets have STAINLESS STEEL trimmed BLACK WOOD SHELVES, while others may be the more expensive CHERRY STAINED WOOD SHELVES with stainless steel trim and others black wire shelves with BEECHWOOD facing.

Many shelves are the ROLLER GLIDE STYLE, which are designed to minimize agitation when being slid in and out, preventing the agitation of the deposits in the bottles.

Security Lock

A number of models have an INTEGRATED SAFETY DOOR LOCK and key, which helps to protect the contents of the cabinet from children, or other unwanted people.


The lighting in many cabinets is a cool blue LED lighting, which is a lovely feature that gently show off the stored wines, without creating any temperature- increasing heat, which is so often created by incandescent lighting.


Chillers of all sizes often come with TEMPERED GLASS DOOR with stainless steel frames and handle. In some units the glass in the door is TINTED, TEMPERED GLASS, which helps to protect the wine from any harmful UV rays.

Handles are sometimes integrated into the unit and some models have the option of a REVERSIBLE HINGE for interchange of left or right hand opening.

Frost Free Defrost

A FROST-FREE, FAN FORCED COOLING SYSTEM is sometimes combined with the digital thermostat control, which helps to provides a more consistent internal temperature than the usual automatic defrosting system.

Beverage Centers

There are a small number of single and duel-zone beverage centers that provide for chilling of cans as well as bottles of wine - and they come in both side-by-side and single-tiered cabinets.

The Danby’s DBC120BLS Beverage Center has a temperature range of 6°C - 14°C (43°F - 57°F), which is controlled by a MECHANICAL THERMOSTAT.

The door has RECESSED SIDE-MOUNT DOOR HANDLE with an integrated lock and is tempered glass door with a smart stainless trim gives a very stylish look.

Popular Danby Models and Main Features

The smallest Danby cooler is an extremely efficient, compact, counter-top wine coolers is the Maitre’D DWC620PL-SC, which has a capacity for 6-bottles.

There are THREE SCULPTED CHROME WIRE SHELVES, which cradles the wine It comes in a PLATINUM FINISH and has an interior LED light that can be turned on and off to showcase the contents, when required.

It’s DIGITAL LED thermostat is conveniently placed at the center-top exterior of the cabinet, and can be set between 4°C - 22°C . It uses the semi-conductor technology, which ensure an extremely QUIET OPERATION.

One of the smaller but very popular Danby coolers is the DWC172BL, which is a single-zone ALL-BLACK COUNTER-TOP wine cooler with a capacity for 17 bottles of wine, which will blend in with almost any color-scheme or decor.

One of the ‘Danby Designer’ styles, this model has 2 vinyl-coated wire shelves and a further ‘staggered’ shelf and on the top there is a MOLDED WORKTOP, which is convenient for storing accessories.

This cooler has the option of a right or left opening door as it is conveniently fitted with a REVERSIBLE DOOR option.

From the Danby Designer Collection the DWC286BLS is an elegant freestanding cooling cabinet with a 38-bottle capacity, with TWO distinct and separately regulated cooling zones. It comes with BLACK WOOD SHELVES and STAINLESS STEEL TRIM to match the stainless steel exterior.

An INTEGRATED DOOR LOCK helps to secure the cabinet and the tinted tempered glass door helps to protect the contents from any harmful UV rays. The LED track lighting system enables you to beautifully showcase your wines without the heat emitted from an incandescent light-bulb.

Unlike some duel-zone models, you can select either the smaller, UPPER ZONE or the LOWER LARGER zone for both red and white temperatures.

Part of the Silhouette Collection and with a capacity of 27-bottles, the all-black interior in the DWC276BLS which is a SLIM-LINE model that is only 12” wide and is ideal for fitting into a narrow opening or small kitchen.

It comes with STAINLESS STEEL trimmed wire shelves, which match the stainless on the exterior. The the wine is UV protected with the TINTED TEMPERED GLASS DOOR, which comes with an integrated door lock.

The digital thermostat is programmable with a temperature range of 4°C- 18°C (39°F - 64°F) and has an elegant temperature display that is located at the center-top of the door, making it easy to set and monitor the temperature through the door.

With the LOVELY BLUE LED LIGHTING, this cabinet can showcase your wine and the semi-flush cupped door handles are not intrusively placed. This SINGLE-ZONE model is frost-free and automatically defrosts the system when required. There is the convenience of a reversible door option, which makes it an even more versatile wine cooler.

With a capacity of 51-bottles and a cubit capacity of 5.1 cu ft this Danby Silhouette DWC518BLS wine cooler can be either FREESTANDING or can be a BUILT-IN UNIT.

It has duel temperature zones for red and white wine storage with a temperature ranging from 4°C~18°C. The ROLLER-GLIDE SHELVES minimize agitation to the content of the bottles and the black INTERIOR WOODEN SHELVES have a stainless trim to match the exterior stainless finish.

Complete with safety-lock and reversible door hinges, the door is of tempered glass with a stainless steel frame and handle. Blue LED lighting illuminates the interior and a digital LED display can be easily and accurately set with PUSH-BUTTON CONTROL.

The DWC2727BLS is a side-by-side duel-zone wine cooler in the Silhouette range and has a capacity for up to 54-bottles of wine.

This is a French-door design, which comes with contemporary stainless steel shelving and trim has TINTED TEMPERED GLASS protecting the wine from damaging UV rays.

The frost-free cooling system is FAN-FORCED and is integrated with the digital thermostat, providing even better and more constant internal temperature integrity than would be achieved with an AUTOMATIC DEFROST system.

With an option of being built-in or remaining freestanding this model looks great when showcased with the cool-blue internal LED lighting.

The single-zone, DWC612BLP wine cellar in the Danby Designer Range.

This elegant looking wine-cooler has a capacity for 75-bottles and has BEECH-WOOD FACED SHELVING, with PLATINUM TRIM and it lit with an interior display light to display the wine.

The door is REVERSIBLE and has tinted protective glass, while the cabinet is ALL BLACk ,with an easy to use thermostat control at the top.

The largest and very popular executive wine cellar is the 166-bottle duel-zone DWC166BLSRH cooler, in the Silhouette Range in BLACK AND STAINLESS STEEL.

Effortless, , limit any agitation in the bottles and the wooden cherry-stained shelves have a stainless trim to match the exterior.

A FROST-FREE FORCED COOLING SYSTEM is linked to the digital thermostat, which gives a steady internal temperature there is a LED temperature display and INTEGRATED LOCK to protect the contents from children.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes

Danby Advantages

Some customers are pleased that their wine cooler is able to be plugged straight into their home bar, but they are reminded that there must be sufficient ventilation for all wine coolers and beverage centers, otherwise there could be some damage caused to the unit.

Danby Disadvantages

Some customers are disappointed that standing other electrical appliances, such as a microwave the top of their wine cooler is not recommended by the manufacturers. Customers are also warned not plug any additional appliance from the circuit in which the cooler is plugged.

Some customers were frustrated that coolers are not able to be plugged in immediately as the oil in the compressor needs to have a few hours to settle back into its correct level and plugging it in immediately could damage the unit.

It has been noted that generally the zone for white wine is larger that the one for red wine – but it is not possible to reverse the storage options, as the smaller, red-wine section would not get sufficiently cool to store white wine at the correct temperature.

Danby Pros

  • blue LED lighting
  • accurate thermostat
  • ‘Intuitive’ push button thermostat on some models
  • stylish shelf trim
  • no vibration
  • UV protected
  • integrated handles
  • frost free
  • some reversible doors
  • singe and duel zone coolers
  • safety locks

    Danby Cons

  • takes long time to cool initially
  • have to wait to plug in the new appliance
  • duel zones are not interchangeable for red and white
  • can't use top as work surface

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