Danby® D9604W WHITE Upright Refrigerator 9.6 cu. ft.

Vegetable Crisper : Tall Bottle Store : Manual Defrost

Vegetable Crisper : Tall Bottle Store : Manual Defrost

Danby have designed the D9604W as a mid entry and mid size refrigerator for customers who are budget conscious or makes a useful second refrigerator for those with and extending family. This is a popular model with customers and one of the premium features of this refrigerator is the CanStor beverage dispenser and the adjustable shelves which has 2L bottle storage . The D9604W comes with a 12 month parts and labor coverage with in home service.

    Main Features

  • The Danby D9604W Style Refrigerator is offered in just one color : WHITE. It has a small self colored grab handle .
  • There is a variety of Integrated Door STORAGE, including two full width Egg Racks, a half width enclosed Dairy Compartment and three further full width Door Bins. The design of the door compartment enables the storage of bottles and other taller items.
  • This main refrigerator compartment has THREE wire Shelves together with a Vegetable Crisper which has a Glass Cover for additional visibility.
  • This refrigerator has an interior light to give good illumination.
  • This is a MANUAL DEFROST system which requires occasional defrosting of the unit.
  • There is a convenient, adjustable, manual temperature control.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 11/16 Inches

    Height: 58 6/16 Inches
    Width: 23 3/16 Inches
    Total Volume: 9.6 Cu. Ft. (271.8 litres)
    Shipping Weight50 Kg


  • One customer described this refrigerator as ‘perfect’ as they lived in a ‘solar’ home and found it to be ENERGY EFFICIENT, running only minimal amps.
  • Customers felt that this was a good size refrigerator for a smaller family or as a SECOND REFRIGERATOR.
  • Although many customers prefer the frost free defrost system,
  • More than one customer was particularly pleased with the MANUAL DEFROST, as they had discovered that this type of refrigerator used HALF the amount of electricity than a automatic defrost.
  • Customers were very pleased with the QUIET RUNNING of this refrigerator and feel this is a refrigerator that FILLS A VOID in the refrigerator market.
  • One customer commented that if you wanted a medium sized manual-defrost refrigerator-freezer combo, this Danby unit was a good choice.
  • Customers in general felt this was a GOOD LOOKING refrigerator.


  • One customer felt that Danby might have given a little better INSULATION to this refrigerator.
  • One customer did not like the EXPOSED HARDWARE at the back of the refrigerator, commenting that the condensing coil and the refrigerator tubing is exposed and felt it was rather fragile and poorly mounted.
  • One customer was very disappointed as they found that the refrigerator compartment froze items and found the CONTROL SETTING difficult to read.
  • One customer commented that this refrigerator takes ups very LITTLE FLOOR SPACE and another considered that this was an EXCELLENT PRICED unit.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • energy efficient.
  • manual defrost
  • very quiet
  • good looking
  • good price
  • takes up little space.

  • insulation
  • exposed hardware at rear
  • refrigerator freezes some items
  • controls

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