Danby DIM1524W Designer Ice'nEasy Portable White Ice Maker with LCD Display,

The Danby DIM1524W Ice Maker is really good portable ice maker and I recommend it to to many people.

I own this make for about a year hasn't broke down yet.

I love the fact that it make ice in about 15 minutes. Secondly unlike old ice makers it has a timer and you can pick how much ice you want to make and even the size of the ice cubes.

Only things I don't like is you have to have a power outlet to use it and cleaning it can be a pain. I wish they made it with batteries.

When I go on a fishing trip I have to make a lot of ice a head of time. If it was battery I make fresh ice when I catch some trout.

Lastly I rate this appliance 4 out 5 because it ice build up is hard to clean.

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