Danby DWC1233BLSC 13" Countertop Wine Cellar with 12-Bottle Capacity

LCD Dispenser : Electronic Thermostat : Blue LED Lighting

LCD Dispenser : Electronic Thermostat : Blue LED Lighting

The Danby 12-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler is a compact little wine fridge that comes with a few features and a sleek design. It holds up to twelve bottles on chrome shelves and features semiconductor technology and soft touch controls.

It also has an appealing blue light inside that can be turned on or off to control illumination of the wine collection inside while still keeping the bottles dark for protection of their contents.

This wine fridge has several features and aspects which make it a really great little wine cooler to have. It is compact and energy efficient, with a five star rating for energy efficiency.

The compactness means that you can fit it just about anywhere.

It can be used as a countertop model, or it can be mounted under the cabinets to be hidden from view when not being used.

It also has the self-controlling thermostat inside, which means it senses heat from the surroundings and will adjust temperature inside accordingly.

If there is excessive heat from a nearby appliance such as an oven, for example, the wine cooler will automatically adjust its own settings to keep the wine inside at a constant controlled temperature.

However, some of the pros of this machine can also turn out to be cons. Over the course of several years, the temperature control can become faulty. The internal settings may begin to adjust themselves within the span of four to five degrees in either direction for no apparent reason.

Also, the fan in the back can be a bit noisy, so this is not a wine cooler that one would want to purchase if it needed to be used in a quiet spot. Overall, however, this cooler is a great deal for the money.

I would rate this as a 4 out of 5

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