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ALL the upright Danby freezers are Energy Star® compliant, like the 15.8 cu ft capacity upright Danby Designer® freezer, model no DUF448WDD.

Having Energy Star® rating is a great asset as it means that you will make significant savings on your energy consumption as well as having an ECO friendly unit..

Danby has been manufacturing small electrical appliances for well over 60 YEARS providing innovative, quality products, including a good range of upright and chest freezers.

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Danby DESIGNER White 11.3 cu. ft. DUFM320WDD Upright Freezer  
If you need a compact freezer for you cottage, trailer of apartment, or you only have minimal space to park it., then this is a good option for you. …

Danby DESIGNER White 15.8 cu. ft. DUF448WDD Upright Freezer  
This freezer is very similar in design to the two slightly larger units: the 17.7 cu ft DUF5012WDD Upright Freezer and the 20.1 cu ft DUF570WDD. This …

Danby DESIGNER White DCFM289WDD Chest Freezer Capacity: 10.2 cu. ft. 
Not only is this Energy Star® compliant freezer kind to the environment. Danby's the DCFM289WDD is a good size chest freezer, with a capacity of 10.2 …

Danby DCF550W White Chest Freezer Capacity: 5.5 cu. ft.  
Probably one of the most popular Danby Chest Freezers, is the DCF550W White Chest Freezer, with a capacity of 5.5 cu. ft. capacity, which equates to 155 …

excellence Not rated yet
The spring on the back of the freezer has fallen out and the lid will not stay open

danby dcf 1200 we Not rated yet
It died on me a couple of days ago. The motor was still running and the orange light on top of the freezer door was still on, however, when I looked inside …

Danby DUFM454WDB (Quick Freeze) Upright White Freezer 16 cu. ft.  Not rated yet
The white Danby® DUFM454WDB is Energy Star compliant and has a space saving upright design. With a good size cabinet of 16 cu. ft. capacity, You have …

BLACK & STAINLESS Danby DUF808 Upright Freezer 8.2 cu. ft. Not rated yet
You will be delighted with the stylish look of the Energy Star® compliant Danby DESIGNER Black with Stainless Steel Look DUF808 Upright Freezer Capacity: …

White Danby DESIGNER 20.1 cu. ft.DUF570WDD Upright Freezer  Not rated yet
This is the largest Upright Danby Freezer in the Danby and is similar in design and looks to the two slightly smaller models ( the DUF448WDD with a …

Danby DESIGNER White DUF5012WDD Upright Freezer Capacity: 17.7 cu. ft. Not rated yet
Very similar to the slightly larger DUF570WDD and the slightly smaller DUF448WDD this Danby Single Door White Upright Freezer has 17. 7 cu. Ft. (501 liter) …

COMPACT Danby Designer White DUF408WE Upright Freezer Capacity: 4.2 cu. ft. Not rated yet
This compact little upright freezer from the Danby Designer range is sometimes fondly called a 'Small Wonder' The compact DUF408WE with a cubic capacity …

Danby DESIGNER White DCFM246WDD Chest Freezer Capacity: 8.7 cu. ft. (Energy Star® compliant) Not rated yet
The DCFM246WDD chest freezer from the Danby DESIGNER range and has an 8. 7 cu. Ft. Capacity (246.4lba), with a High Density CFC reduced foam insulated …

Danby White DCF700W Chest Freezer Capacity: 7 cu. ft. Not rated yet
The Danby DCF700W is a 7 cu ft chest freezer, which equates to 198.2 lbs of frozen foodstuff and is always a popular option. This freezer features an easily …

Danby DCF401W and DCF401W1 White Chest Freezer 3.6 cu. ft (Foam~Insulation)  Not rated yet
One of the smallest chest freezer from Danby is the 3.6 cu ft capacity, DCF401W, which has a small area footprint to 25" x 22", and a unit that will fit …

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Danby have built up a reputation for QUALITY yet AFFORDABLE home freezers and other cold storage appliances and have become increasingly popular with customers.

Danby consider themselves to be a LEADER in the home appliance market, having established active and ongoing research into the needs and requirement if its customers.


Freezer Overview


Danby’s are justly proud of their reputation and are committed to EXCELLENT CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE, and after-care service, with a team of technically-trained staff, dedicated to ensuing CONSUMER CARE. This is often reflected in customer comments about their appliances.

Across the whole of the appliances that Danby offers, there are SEVEN different lines:-: Danby®, Danby Designer®, Danby Diplomat®, Danby Premiere®, Simplicity®, Arcticaire®, and Danby Silhouette®, but in Freezer range the main lines are:

Danby Designer®,

Danby Freezers and their Key Features


Danby do a small range of both UPRIGHT and CHEST Freezers.

The widest choice is in the UPRIGHT range of Danby freezers, all of which come with Energy Star® rating, which makes them both significantly energy efficient but also environmentally friendly. Most of the upright freezers just come in WHITE although there are a smeall number of CHEST that are available in Black with a Stainless Steel trim, which matches their large range of Wine Coolers.

There are a limited number of CHEST freezer, most of which are NOT Energy Star® compliant and all of which come in a WHITE finish.


Avanti freezers have a cubic capacity range between 3.6 cu ft and 20.1 cu ft and are available in three capacity sizes: 1) 3 to 8 cubit feet (small) 2) 9 to 13 cubic feet (medium) 3) 14 to 25 cubic feet (large)


Although there are seven different LINES or BRANDS of appliances, that traverse all the different appliances that Danby manufacture, most of their Freezers are from TWO brands:
1) Danby®
2) Danby Designer®


Most of the UPRIGHT Freezer are Energy Star® compliant.

Most the CHEST Freezer are NOT Energy Star® rated.


The majority the Danby freezers come in a WHITE finish but there are a very small number that are come in a finish that compliments the traditional BLACK and STAINLESS finish of their range of Wine Coolers.

Popular Danby Models and Main Features

Danby® Range

One of the main 'models' of freezer from the popular Danby® range, and a typical, mid~range size of chest freezer is the DCF700W, which has a capacity of 7 cu. ft., and which approximates to about 200 lbs liters of capacity.

This is a freezer that has a MANUAL DEFROST system, but the defrosting requirement is made so much easier with the DEFROST DRAIN which is conveniently situated at the lower front of the chest. Close to the defrost drain is the Front Mount MECHANICAL THERMOSTAT, where you can easily set the required temperature.

The inside has an EASY CLEAN Interior Liner and the lid is beautifully ROUNDED LID design, which makes cleaning inside and out a much EASIER task. Like most Danby freezers, this has an ENERGY EFFICIENT foam insulated cabinet and lid.

The large, 16 cu. ft. capacity UPRIGHT freezer, model number DUFM454WDB is another example in the Danby® range of freezers, which is designed with a large capacity but which takes up less floor space than a chest freezer.

With a WHITE exterior and interior, this ENERGY STAR® compliant freezer has a good size STORAGE BASKET as well as THREE Shelves and FOUR Door Shelves This size of freezer has a capacity to store up to 450 liters of foodstuff.

This is a Well ILLUMINATED freezer with an Interior Light and there is a MECHANICAL THERMOSTAT to set the temperature you require. A reversible door option adds to the flexibility of this freezer and a FRONT MOUNT DRAIN is fitted for quick and easy defrost maintenance.

A good example of a NON Energy Star® freezer is the Danby® DCF550W , which is the next to the smallest chest freezer, with a capacity of 5.5 cu. ft.

Danby Designer® Range

The 17.7 cu ft capacity DUF5012WDD is an upright freezer with the Energy Star® label. It comes in a white finish, like most of the Danby Designer® Range and has a Frost Free defrost system, Interior light, reversible doors and 4 removable wire shelves. The environmentally friendly DCFM289WDD is one of the only CHEST freezer in the Danby Designer® Range that comes with the Energy Star® compliant label.

With a good size capacity of 10.2 cu ft and manual defrost with defrost drain … this freezer comes with an ENERGY EFFICIENT foam insulated cabinet and lid and it is easy to clean, as it comes with a RUST RESISTANT interior liner.

Its TWO Vinyl Coated Baskets can be used to store small or frequently used frozen items and the easy to use MECHANICAL THERMOSTAT is situated at the front of the cabinet for easy use.

With an almost identical cabinet and similar features as the above mentioned freezer is the MIDSIZED DUFM320WDD , an upright Danby Designer® freezer, which is popular with customers. This freezer is an Energy Star® labeled freezer, which has a capacity of 11.3 cu. ft.


Danby freezers come in three ‘size’ groups;~ small, medium and large. The LARGEST is the 20.1 cu ft White UPRIGHT, Danby Designer® freezer model number: DUF570WDD , which has a capacity of 20.1 cu ft, which equates to 569 liter capacity.

The SMALLEST Upright Freezer is the Danby Designer® DCF401W, which is a 4.2 cu. ft., Energy Star® compliant model with a capacity of 4.2 cu. ft. or 120 litres of frozen storage space. This compact model is ideal for smaller apartments or cottages and even are suitable for even for office storage or for use in a trailer van.

This is a freezer that has a fresh white finish and has a neat, integral handle and a scratch resistant worktop, which is able to be used as a storage place for extra accessories.

It has two ‘QUICK FREEZE” shelves and an easy to program mechanical thermostat together with a manual defrost system. The reversible door is a great asset as this can be changed into a right or left door opening, which is always a benefit in a confined space.

Energy Star®

ALL the upright Danby freezer have are Energy Star® compliant, like the 15.8 cu ft capacity upright Danby Designer® freezer, model no DUF448WDD. Having Energy Star® rating is a great asset as it means that you will make significant savings on your energy consumption as well as having an ECO friendly unit.

Not only is the DUF448WDD FROST FREE freezer, which needs no defrosting, it has great illumination with its interior light and is temperature controlled with the mechanical thermostat.

It comes with 3 removable wire shelves, on which to store the 447 lbs of frozen food but has a reversible door, which makes it more versatile when it comes to planning where to stand it in your kitchen.

The only Energy Star® compliant CHEST Freezer currently on offer, is the Danby Designer® DCFM246WDD which is the second to the smallest chest freezer in entire Danby range.

With an Aluminum interior liner which is fully rust resistant, this is a freezer that is easy to maintain and clean.


The Danby Designer® DUF808 is currently the only freezer on offer that is not the traditional white.

As well as being offered in a WHITE finish (DUF80WE) the Danby Designer® DUF808BSL comes in a stunning BLACK with Stainless Steel Look trim. This finish is reflective of the wide range of Danby WINE COOLERS, that similarly are offered in Black and Stainless. The Stainless part of this freezer look identical to real Stainless Steel, but has the advantage of being SMUDGE RESISTANT.

AT 8.2 CU FT Capacity (232 litres), this Energy Star® RATED FREEZER has an easy to programme MECHANICAL Thermostat, a REVERSIBLE door option, Manual Defrost and THREE Quick Freeze shelves.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes

The majority of customer comments about Danby freezer, whether upright freezers or chest freezers is that they are extremely well liked and come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

In over 90% of the customer comments, Danby freezers were RATED as
4 or 5 out of 5. In other words they come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the vast majority of satisfied customers.

Danby Likes

Most customers expressed fairly strong opinions that they were pleased with the APPEARANCE of the freezer, the FEATURES and the DURABILITY
of the appliance.

The reliability of the Danby freezer range was one thing that was pretty universal with Danby customers.

Danby Dislikes

However it was noted by one customer that her Danby freezer BROKE DOWN and that getting spare parts for the unit proved to be rather difficult.

One of the other disadvantages that a few customers commented on was that Danby freezers rarely had a LOCK, which some parents consider essential with a chest freezer particularly.

Danby Pros

  • attractive
  • quiet
  • space for tall items
  • adjustable shelving
  • door shuts securely
  • price
  • lasts a long time
  • very reliable
  • light weight
  • has rollers
  • good as a second freezer
  • keeps temperature well

    Danby Cons

  • breaks down
  • cannot get parts
  • no thermometer
  • no lock

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