Danby 'Silhouette' Duel Zone DWC2727BLS LARGE Executive Wine Cellar 166-Bottles (Black with Stainless)

“Cool Blue” Led Lighting : Frost Free : Roller Glide Shelves

“Cool Blue” Led Lighting : Frost Free : Roller Glide Shelves

This top of the range Executive Wine Cellar is Danby's largest cooler, with a capacity to store up to 166-bottles of your favorite wine. The DWC2727BLS is one of the famous "Silhouette" range, and is exquisitely designed in Black with Stainless Steel Trim.

This it s a DUEL-ZONE cabinet with Roller-Glide Shelves and 'Cool Blue" LED lighting system also comes with an Integrated LOCK, Tinted glass door and Automatic DEFROST System, which all contribute to this being a high quality wine cooler. This stunning wine cellar is the perfect choice for the serious wine connoisseur.
Designed to be either Freestanding or used as a Built-In unit, this wine cooler adds versatility to your planning and placement options.

    Interior Features

  • This sophisticated DUEL-ZONE cabinet has TWO Thermostats, which you can use to independently regulate the temperature of both the upper and lower compartments. The temperature range of this model is between 4°C - 18°C (39°F - 64°F).
  • Finding the wine that you need is no effort with the smooth-running Roller-Glide Shelves, which LIMITS any unnecessary agitation, which can affect the maturing process.
  • The SHELVES are made of Cherry-stained wood and have a subtle-looking stainless trim, to add to the stylish look.
  • Your wine is be beautifully SHOWCASED with the 'Cool Blue' LED track lighting system that illuminates the cabinet, without causing heat-damage that comes from a normal light-bulb.
  • With its PRECISION Digital Thermostat the internet temperature can be easily and accurately set - and monitored through the glass door. Bother upper and lover cabinets have their own digital display.
  • This is a FROST FREE wine cooler, which has a cooling system that uses a fan, which cleverly keeps the internal temperature constant and which is even more efficient that the conventional automatic defrost system.

      Exterior Features

  • The cabinet comes in a conventional BLACK FINISH with smart Stainless Steel Trim.
  • The glass in the door is subtly TINTED, which not only adds to the good looks of the cooler but which help to protect your special wines from any harmful UV rays.
    The INTEGRATED Door Lock is a very useful feature, securing your prize wine collection from any unwanted intruders!

      Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23 7/16"Inches
    Depth: 28 4/16"Inches
    Height: 69 5/16"Inches
    Capacity 166-Bottles
    Total Volume: 14.5 Cu. Ft.


  • It is a great advantage to have a unit that has Two Temperature Zones as you can easily chill and serve alternative types of wine with greater ease.
  • This is great size and wonderful to have the option of a unit that can be either Freestanding or Built-In.
  • Despite being a wine cooler that holds up to 136 bottle of wine - this is a fairly COMPACT cabinet that does not take up too great a footprint and makes for easier storage.
  • The ROLLER GLIDE SHELVES are a great asset as they minimize any agitation when you pull the drawer in and out.
  • This is a wine cooler that offers really EXPANSIVE bottle storage and having TWO temperature regulated cooling compartments makes this a big hit with some customers.


  • This wine cooler is fine if you are only using standard bottles of wine, but of those that like to purchase and store More Unusual SHAPES and SIZES of bottles this is not a good buy.
  • One customer was disgruntled with the THERMOSTAT, which was found on occasions to actually reset itself, which would be particularly problematic if a very specific temperature was required.
  • One customer had some CONDENSATION problems with this cooler, which may have been a faulty unit, but needs to be considered.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • beautiful high quality unit
  • great frost free feature
  • good looking and stylish
  • fine for standard bottles of wine
  • holds temperature well
  • lovely display
  • great roller glide shelves
  • useful two temperature zones
  • large capacity

  • not sufficiently versatile for different shaped bottles
  • problems with inconstant temperature
  • thermostat sometimes reset itself!!
  • not cold enough
  • poor customer service

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