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EdgeStar is a BRAND NAME that is connected with Living Direct, Inc., and they produce a range of appliances that specifically cater for portable small household equipment and the innovative use of small spaces. They have a compelling range if Thermo Electric Wine Cooler and a small number of Compressor-run coolers . Specializing in THERMO ELECTRIC Wine Coolers, EdgeStar have a small range of COMPACT coolers, which provide both stylish and VIBRATION-FREE wine storage - as there is no conventional compressor. Thermoelectricity is a very popular means of cooling wine as it causes no vibration - as any amount of vibration can disturb the delicate sediment that settles in any bottle of fine wine.


Wine Cooler Overview


EdgeStar have a small but good choice of THERMO ELECTRIC Wine Coolers with both SINGLE-ZONE and DUEL-ZONE ,catering from 12-bottle to 32-bottle. Some models have the option of being FREESTANDING or BUILT-IN They also have a larger 46-bottle wine cooler that is designed with the more usual COMPRESSOR method of cooling.

EdgeStar Wine Coolers - Key Features

Most Edgestar coolers are designed with the 'Peltier' THERMOELECTRIC cooling system, is VIBRATION-FREE and works QUIETLY and efficiently, maintaining optimum temperature and humidity conditions.


EdgeStar only have a limited number of SMALL to MEDIUM wine-coolers, ranging from a capacity of 12-bottles to 32-bottles. There is a choice of SINGLE-ZONE coolers (which has just one temperature setting for the whole cabinet) and DUEL-ZONE wine coolers, (which has two independently temperature regulated sections) which allow for both red and white wines to be stored at the correct temperatures.

The WIDTH of the coolers is generally the NARROWER, 2-bottle width, which can fit into fairly narrow and confined spaces to the WIDER coolers that store 4-bottles side by side – but naturally the heights vary, depending on the capacity. Most coolers have a SINGLE-DOOR, although there is one model that has the FRENCH-STYLE SIDE-by-SIDE, double door option.


Some coolers have full digital, touch temperature controls and many of the thermoelectric wine coolers feature a blue LED display.

Other coolers have the mechanical-type temperature controls, with a temperature range of between 48 °F to 65°F.

Adjustable thermostat enable the storage the wine at the optimum temperature, depending on the variety and this type of cooler are quiet and efficient, maintaining the optimum temperature and humidity conditions.

The INTERNAL FAN-FORCED AIR CIRCULATION eliminates "hot spots" in the coolers by keeping the air evenly circulated throughout the whole unit

Auto Defrost

Just about all of the EdgeStar wine coolers have an AUTOMATIC DEFROST which is such an important consideration in the storage of wine, as it is best to avoid all movement, as this can damage the maturing wine process by disturbing the delicate, sedimentary deposits in the bottles.

Security Lock

A number of the coolers offered come with 2 LOCKS with 2 KEYS to ensure that no unauthorized person can interfere with the content of your cooler.


The EdgeStar wine cooler collection in general come with gently CURVING, SCALLOPED CHROMIUM SHELVES, which keep each bottle firmly in place.

For those who prefer the option of teak wooden wine racks, EdgeStar do a range of FIVE different TEAK WOODEN RACKS to fit into certain of their models:-

  1. TWR181ES - Duel Zone 18-Bottles wine cooler (see above)
  2. TWR160S - Single Zone 16-Bottles wine cooler (see above)
  3. TWR282S - Single Zone 28-Bottles wine cooler (see above)
  4. TWR121ES - Single Zone 12-Bottles wine cooler
  5. TWR80ES - Single Zone 8-Bottles wine cooler

Reversible Doors


Although each Edgestar cooler is individually designed and various sizes there are many common elements such as tinted double paned glass doors which protects wine from sunlight, as the UV rays from the sun can damage the wine., with the cabinets being a sleek black.

The DOUBLE PANED TEMPERED GLASS DOORS often have a premium metallic silver finish door trim. Other may come with good-looking stainless steel trim on a black cabinet, which gives a classy and stylish finish.

Coolers often come with different numbers of SCALLOPED CHROME RACKS help to display your prized wines in style. However on some models there are OPTIONAL WOODEN SHELVES that can replace the standard chromium shelves, to give the cooler an even more polished look.

The HANDLES on many cooler are a sturdy, pro-style TOWEL BAR FINISH and a soft INTERIOR BLUE LED LIGHT gives a lovely glow to the cabinet and show off your wine in style without the lighting doing any harm to the content of the bottles.

Popular Edgestar Models

The SMALLEST EdgeStar Cooler is the 12-bottle TWR121SS an environmentally friendly, Peltier, thermoelectric wine cooler, which has soft interior LED lighting and simple to use manual controls. This SINGLE-ZONE wine cooler with its double-paneled glass door has stylish scalloped chrome wine racks on which to store up to 12-BOTTLES.

This is a quiet running unit and is VIBRATION-FREE, with the only moving part to the cooler being a FAN, which circulates the air evenly to every part of the cooler, which eliminates the possibility of any ‘hot spots’ developing. With a pro-style towel bar handle and an AUTO DEFROST this is a compact wine cooler that fits neatly into almost any space.


The TWR325ESS is the LARGEST Thermoelectric Wine Cooler from EdgeStar to date is the TWR325ESS – which is a 32-bottle DUEL-ZONE cooler with double FRENCH Doors.

DIGITAL TOUCH TEMPERATURE CONTROLS allow you to set the two, Side-by-Side, thermostatically controlled compartments to the temperature of your choice. This cooler features blue LED display, and the double doors are stainless steel, with DOUBLE-PANELED TINTED, TEMPERED GLASS, which protects your wind from harmful UV rays. Scalloped chromium wine rack cradles the 32-BOTTLES of wines in the vibration free environment, while the Internal FAN-FORCED AIR CIRCULATION system ensure that the temperature is evenly dispersed throughout the cabinet.


With a capacity for 28_BOTTLES the TWR181ES is a Duel-Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, with a very stylish design with its scalloped CHROME SHELVES, premium metallic SILVER finish door trim with DOUBLE PANED TINTED, TEMPERED GLASS.

The two temperature zone have individual thermostats, which are DIGITALLY CONTROLLED and the entire unit is lit with soft interior LED lighting. As well as being vibration free, which protects any disturbance to the wine sediment, there is an AUTOMATIC DEFROST, which eliminates the need to defrost the cooler manually.


Comparable in size with the above model is the 28-BOTTLE, Deluxe Thermoelectric Wine Cooler single-zone TWR282S, which is designed to take longer and wider wine bottles, that often are not able to be stored in some wine coolers.

This unit features premium METALLIC SILVER FINISH DOOR TRIM with double paned tempered glass and is fitted with a long PRO-STYLE TOWEL BAR HANDLE, which fits vertically onto the front side panel of the cooler.

With an internal FAN to distribute the temperature evenly, an AUTO DEFROST system, SOFT INTERIOR LIGHT to showcase your wine collection and the option of a REVERSIBLE DOOR, this is just one of the range of popular wine coolers from EdgeStar.


The majority of wine-coolers produced by EdgeStar are single-zone and duel-zone Thermoelectric Wine Coolers. However they do a very limited range of powerful COMPRESSOR based wine-coolers and the CWR460DZ DUAL ZONE wine cooler refrigerator holds up to 46-BOTTLES.

This wine-cooler has the option of being FREESTANDING or can be BUILT-IN and comes with a black cabinet and stainless steel trimmed, with duel-paneled, reversible glass doors and a vertical towel-bar handle to one side. Being 24 INCHES WIDE this unit fits into a mid-size UNDER-COUNTER space, and the FAN-FORCED FRONT VENTILATION allows the cabinet to be installed, flush with the surroundings.

Other features on this unit are a blue interior LED lighting display, an auto-defrost, security lock and two independently temperature-controlled cooling zones.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes

EdgeStar Advantages

  • These wine coolers have been designed to maintain the OPTIMUM TEMPERATURE and the most advantageous HUMIDITY for both red and white wine storage.

  • As most of EdgeStar’s wine coolers are thermoelectric coolers it means that there is NO VIBRATIONS caused by a conventional condenser, which means that the wine sediment remains undisturbed and is allowed to mature.

  • The THERMOELECTRIC power source means a LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, which is reflected in the low energy running costs of these wine coolers.

  • Having an INTERNAL FAN means that there is perfect temperature distribution throughout the whole of the wine cooler cabinet.

  • TINTED GLASS or a MIRROR FINISH means that the wine is protected from any harmful UV light as well as being very stylish and elegant.

  • The EdgeStar range of wine coolers are very COMPACT DESIGN which enables them to fit into a wide variety of places.

  • EdgeStar offer an additional range OPTIONAL STYLISH WOODEN WINE racks in teak, which are designed to fit into most of their range of coolers, and they can be used to replace the original chrome style shelves.

  • The EdgeStar range is fairly INEXPENSIVE and so has wide appeal, especially for wine connoisseurs who are on a low budget.

  • Most models come with an automatic DEFROST SYSTEM, which is a feature that is much more crucial in a wine cooler than other cold storage units , so that the wine stored does not need to be disturbed.

  • Being thermoelectric coolers they are very EASY TO INSTALL, and just require the correct plug with a proper outlet.

    EdgeStar Disadvantages

  • Most of the single-zone wine coolers offered by EdgeStar only have MANUAL THERMOSTATS, rather then the more popular electronic ones.

  • The THERMOELECTRIC power source has a number of disadvantages:-
    1. First they are NOT AS RELIABLE as a conventional compressor.
    2. Second they take a LONGER TIME TO COOL DOWN to the temperature that is set, often taking up to 24 hours if set at the lowest temperature.

    EdgeStar Pros

  • good temperature and humidity control
  • defrost systems
  • easy installation
  • internal fan distributes temperature evenly
  • no vibrations
  • inexpensive
  • optional wooden shelves
  • compact design
  • low power consumption
  • tempered glass doors – (tinted and mirror options)

    EdgeStar Cons

  • some manual controlled coolers
  • thermoelectric is not very reliable
  • long tom to cool initially

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