Energy Star® Whirlpool EH185FXTQ White Chest Freezer 17.5 cu ft

 3 Baskets : Interior Light : Mechanical Controls

3 Baskets : Interior Light : Mechanical Controls

With a One-Year limited warranty, this 18cu ft capacity, white Whirlpool EH185FXTQ Chest Freezer comes with THREE massive blue slide and store upper plastic buckets, to help with your interior storage.

This excellent size white Energy Star® Chest Freezer comes with an interior light, which help to make it much easier to locate your stored frozen foods, as well as easy having easy access, ROUNDED INTERIOR corners and a smooth steel interior, which makes CLEANING and maintenance so much easier and safer for the food you store inside.
This freezer is simple to operate and accommodates all our frozen storage needs in a constant temperature. The clean textured white finish creates a neat and clean look.

    Interior Features

  • You can store all your foods in a temperature-monitored freezer.
  • You never want to have your freezer running above the safe temperature and the Temperature Monitor ALARM is a great feature to make sure that warns when your freezer drops, or goes below safe freezer temperatures.
  • One good feature is the fail-safe, BUILT IN SECURITY, Eject-Key-Lock feature, that only allows the lid to be raised when you insert the key - and then push it while the key is being turned.
  • In this world of increasing ENERGY costs , you will be pleased to see the Energy Star® symbol on this freezer, so you will be sure of getting ENERGY EFFICIENT frozen food storage from this freezer while helping to maintain an environmentally friendly world.
  • When it is time to defrost this freezer you will find that it has a MANUAL Defrost system and a useful Defrost DRAIN which makes the necessary periodical defrosting of the system, so much easier and quicker simplified. It comes fitted with a Defrost Drain with Cover.
  • Mechanical CONTROLS make it easy to keep the temperature at the level that you want and an INTERIOR LIGHT enable your frozen food to be well ILLUMINATED, making it much easier to locate.
  • The ALARM that that is triggered when the Temperature Rises above the safe level is an advantage, alerting you to the potential hazard of spoiled foods.
  • THREE LARGE Slide and Store Upper BASKETS are fitted, giving easier visibility and making it so much easier to locate the frozen food, wherever it is stored, whether kept in the baskets or in the lower part of this 18 cu ft chest freezer.

    Exterior Features

  • This chest freezer is finished in a lovely textured white cabinet but is only the one color option for this 18cu ft chest

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 34 ¾ Inches
    Height: 46 1/8 Inches
    Width: 29 5/16 Inches
    Total Volume: 18 Cu. Ft.
    Electrical Requirements: 60 Hz. 120


  • Being ENERGY STAR® qualified this freezer will ensure that your running costs are kept to a minimum as well as being an environmentally free unit.
  • This is a well illuminated freezer as it comes with an INDICATOR LIGHT and also has a useful ON/OFF Indicator light. .
  • The KEY-EJECT-LOCK is a really novel safety feature, especially if young children are around as it only allows the lip of the freezer to be opened when specific criteria are applied (ie the lid opens ONLY when you insert the key and push while turning to key.
  • Knowing how RETRIEVAL of food-stuff is in chest freezers - this model has a good storage capacity at 17.5 cu ft and has 3 LARGE STORAGE BASKETS makes finding and storage of all your frozen foods - a much easier proposition.
  • There is a LOCK which helps to secure the content of the interior contents of the freezer.


  • Probably the biggest disadvantage of the 18cu ft freezer is that it is not Frost Free and requires MANUAL DEFROSTING and does not even come with a defrost indicator light, which is always a problem as defrosting a freezer can turn into a major task.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Energy Star®
  • key-eject lock
  • defrosting drain
  • power on indicator light
  • interior light
  • three good size baskets
  • nice rounded interior
  • temperature monitor alarm

  • no frost free defrosting system
  • no defrosting indicator
  • manual defrost system

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