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For 30 years EUROCAVE have been at the cutting edge of the WINE COOLERS and Wine Cabinets, priding themselves on being the inventors of Cooling Wine Cabinets. The company seek to replicate the same conditions in their range of Wine-Coolers and Wine Cellars that you would find in the natural cave cellars. Eurocave is at the luxury end of the market and are fastidious in maintaining precise temperature and correct humidity levels is their products, which ensure that your wine is maintained at the best conditions to mature and preserve the wine. They have reached out to all parts of the globe with their high class and advanced-storage Wine Cabinets becoming a name that it linked with quality and elegance.


Wine Cooler-Refrigerator Overview


Eurocave Wine Coolers and Key Features


The controls on the wine cooler are very accurate and easy to use with push buttons that mean that the temperature is quickly and easily changed.

Temperature Zones

There is a wide choice in the number of cooling zones that are available in the Eurocave range of Wine Cabinets and Coolers:-
    single zone wine coolers
    dual temperature zone wine cabinets
    3-zone wine cellars,
    multiple-zone wine cabinets

Temperature Controls

Ensuring that your wine cabinet is at the CORRECT TEMPERATURE is a most important area of concern to Eurocave in their various Wine Cabinets and coolers.

All coolers can be set between 0 - 35°C (32°F- 95°F) but on those that have the Twin Process THERMAL TEMPERATURE control a temperature between 10°- 14°C (50°F - 57°F) may be set to allow you to evaluate the optimum temperature when maturing your wines.

There is also an ELECTRONIC REGULATOR which allows you to control the temperature to one tenth of a degree which prevents any big fluctuations in temperature.

DIGITAL TOUCH PAD CONTROLS give accurate temperature control, with an easy to read LED display .

Hygro - Humidity Control

This patented HUMIDITY system is designed to keep the unit at the correct humidity to ensure the optimum environment for your wines. Linked with the HYGRO HUMIDITY SYSTEM is an ALARM SYSTEM which warns you when the humidity in the cabinet drops below 50%.

Ventilation System

By using a CHARCOAL AIR FILTER, the cooling cabinets are designed to have as near-normal ventilation, which ensure that the humidity level within the refrigerator is correctly maintained.

Doors Choice

All the cooler doors in the Eurocave ranges are REVERSIBLE, giving so much more versatility as the door can be used as a right or left-hand opening and also have LOCK and KEY .

There is generally a choice in the finish of the cabinet door . One can choose a full tempered GLASS DOOR or you may prefer a SOLID DOOR.

Whichever you choose you may be sure that the doors will give you excellent THERMAL INSULATION, with any UV sun-rays being filtered out by the door of the cabinet.

Shelving – Sliding or Fixed

Most shelving is either SLIDING WOODEN SHELVES, which allow you to alter the shelf layout according to your particular preference or FIXED wooden shelves.


ALL wine cabinets come with a four-part warranty.
    1 year parts and labor,
    2 years parts,
    5 years on compressor, and
    10 years on the cabinet

VES -Vibration Exclusion System

The VES is a system that has been developed to prevent any vibration that is so much a part of a normal compressor cooling system. This importance of eliminating any vibrations is paramount as vibration disturbs the settling of sediment in wine, which inhibits the maturing process and optimum storage conditions.

Alarm System

Both audible and visual alarms are installed in most Eurocave Wine Cabinets, giving a warning about a change in either the humidity and the temperature, which can be caused by a change in the charcoal filter, a power outage, a improperly closed door or a drop in the humidity level.


Popular Eurocave Wine Cooler-Cabinets

There are thee distinct cooling storage systems that Eurocave offer, each of which has a definite function:-

  1. Wine Maturing Cabinets
  2. Wine Service Cabinets
  3. Multifunction Cabinets

1 - Wine Maturing Cabinets

There are four ranges of Wine Maturing cabinets, which are designed to recreate the exact conditions you would find in a natural cellar:-
  • Origine V range
  • Classic  range
  • Compact  range
  • Première Range

The V292 range is a single-zone, 1-temperature cabinet, designed to mature wine. This model comes fitted with Eurocave’s patented with their NeoFresh cold air production technology.

The Classic 83 range is also a single-zone, 1-temperature cabinet and has the ability to be customized to suit your individual requirements. The Compact 59 range of wine-cabinets are ideal for those smaller spaces. This model is counter height and looks more like a classy piece of furniture than the conventional wine-cooler.

The Première Range is again a wine cabinet which is offered in a number of sizes and is specifically designed to make sure that the temperature is ideal and the humidity is perfect for the maturing and preservation of the wine that is being stored.

2 - Wine Service Cabinets

The superior technology of Eurocave has been developed to store the bottles of wine at the ideal temperature for immediate serving.The technology in these cabinets have a staggered temperature cooling process with up the 10 separate temperature zones in the larger models, which allow you to bring several different styles of wine to the perfect serving temperature at the same time.

The SO59 is one of the “Compact’ range and has this multi-temperature technology that ensure wine is served at the very best temperatures

3 - Multifunction Cabinets

This range of Wine Cabinets is self explanatory as it allows for wine to both mature correctly as well as maintaining he correct serving temperature for other bottles of wine.

Other Eurocave Wine Storage Systems

As well as their Wine Cabinet and Cooling range, Eurocave produce a wide range of alternative and additional wine storage:-
    Wine STORAGE Systems
    Cellar Conditions

Wine STORAGE Systems

As well as the Wine Coolers, Eurocave do a range of storage systems that enable you to store wine in specially constructed furniture, with out the cooling facility. There are three Storage systems:-

The Modulotheque is a storage system built of oak that can be customized to your own design in which to store your wine, depending on the shape of your room and give you endless storage possibilities.

The Modulorack is a storage option that allows you to store wine in their original cases in a sliding shelf system.

The Modulocube is a folding rack that is designed in solid beechwood and comes in a kit-form.

CELLAR Conditions

Eurocave have the essentials to enable you to use a room and transform it into a wine cellar!

The INOA 25 and INOA 50 are the two alternative options which can be used to transform two different sizes of rooms into the conditions that would be found in a wine cellar.

The INOA 25 works in a room of up to 25 cubed meters.

The INOA 50 works in a room of up to 50 cubed meters.

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