Frigidaire (Energy Star®) FKFH21F7HW White Upright Freezer 20.5 cu ft

 Door Alert : Frost Free :  Lock : SpaceWise Shelf Bookends

Door Alert : Frost Free : Lock : SpaceWise Shelf Bookends

The Frigidaire FKFH21F7HW with a good size capacity of 20.5 cu ft is an Energy Star® compliant upright freezer with FROST FREE defrost operation and AUTOMATIC ALERTS. You will have no problem organizing this freezer to your own requirements with the Store-More™ Wire Door Bins, which are both Adjustable and Tilt-Out for your convenience.

    Interior Features

  • SpaceWise Organizational System: You will be sure of a complete organizational system with the FKFH21F7HW, which includes adjustable and fixed glass shelves, mid and lower level baskets and adjustable door storage.

  • Store-More Bins: You have flexible storage options in the door of your freezer and easy access with the Wire Door Bins, which are both fully adjustable and have a very convenient Tilt-Out feature.
  • SpaceWise Shelf Bookends You will be delighted with the clever, flexible bookends , which are are designed to hold more frozen food containers upright.
  • Frost Free Operation: There will be no more messy defrosting with this upright frost free cabinet.
  • Lock with Pop-Out Key This is a great feature that automatically ejects the key, after locking the door, making sure that you won't leave the key in the door..
  • Bright Lighting: You will find it easy to locate all your favorite food with the bright lighting.
  • Energy Star Rated You will be sure to save up to 20% on your energy costs with this energy efficient freezer.
  • Ready-Select Controls: You will easily be able to select the temperature of your choice with the touch of a button with its Upfront Display.
  • Automatic Alerts: This is a Freezer that alerts you if the door is left open or if the temperature rises.
  • Store-More Capacity: This large capacity freezer, with a capacity of 20.5 cu ft gives you room to store much more.
  • Quick Freeze: With the Quickly freeze feature you will be sure that all the fresh food you freeze will keep foods at their freshest.
  • Power-On Indicator Light: You will have peace of mind and know at a glance that your freezer is working.
  • Automatic Door Closer: Don’t worry about leaving the door open with the automatic closing system.

      Exterior Features

  • White Cabinet: This is a classic fresh white upright freezer
  • Color-Coordinated Handle: The UltraPro “reach through” handles are color coordinated with the freezer exterior.
  • Leveling Legs: There will be no problem if your kitchen floor is a little uneven with the leveling legs.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 1/8 Inches
    Height: 70 5/8 Inches
    Width: 32 Inches
    Total Volume: 20.5 Cu. Ft.


  • A number of customers were delighted with the range and variety of the FEATURES.
  • One customer commented that the freezer worked PERFECTLY on arrival with no need to make any alteration to the original settings, which pleased them immensely.
  • The ORGANIZATION SYSTEM and storage option was a big hit with most customers.
  • Being ENERGY STAR® compliant is an advantage as it saves on the running costs by up to 20 %.
  • Customers do like to have a FROST FREE freezer.


  • One customer noted that there was a little problem with the DESIGN of the front of the door, suggested that it needs to be a little higher as there was a little problem the DOOR CLOSING.
  • One customer was annoyed that the freezer did not switch back on after there had been a POWER OUTAGE, and felt that this was a severe design fault.
  • One customer pointed out that there is a piece of ‘TAPE’ that detracts from the look of the freezer as it cant be removed, as it is under the sealant.
  • One customer had a problem with a HANDLE that became loose.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • great performance
  • great design
  • excellent value
  • huge interior and ALL freezer
  • Energy Star®
  • frost free
  • door alert

  • door swing
  • power outage problem
  • handle

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