Frigidaire FFN15M5HW 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer Energy Star®

Adjustable Temperature Control : Pop-Out Key Lock

Adjustable Temperature Control : Pop-Out Key Lock

With a cubic capacity of14.8 cu. ft., the Frigidaire FFN15M5HW Chest Freezer comes with FOUR Lift-Out Storage Baskets and has a convenient Pop-Out Key LOCK as well as a Power-On Indicator Light, good Bright Lighting and a convenient Defrost Water Drain to simplify the defrosting process.

    Interior Features

  • This freezer comes with a MANUAL DEFROST, but generally defrosting is only required about four times a year.
  • An ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL helps you to keep a check on the internal temperature with a variety of different temperature settings.
  • There is some good storage in the freezer with 2 UPPER and 2 LOWER LIFT-OUT STORAGE BASKETS.
  • Quickly see at a glance what you have stored in the baskets lift out the baskets to find what you need in the lower section of the freezer.
  • This freezer comes with an innovative LOCK which comes with a Pop-Out Key. This locking system gives great security and keeps the freezer safe as it automatically ejects the key upon locking.

  • You will find what you are looking for with the Interior Light, which gives good illumination throughout the freezer
  • The POWER-ON LIGHT is situated at the bottom left of the front of the freezer, giving you the assurance that your freezer is working.
  • A DEFROST DRAIN is positioned at the bottom right hand side of the front of the freezer to simplify defrosting the unit, by quickly draining away all excess water.

      Exterior Features

  • This freezer comes in White and has an easy grab self-colored handle.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29 ½ Inches
    Height: 35 Inches
    Width: 48 Inches
    Total Volume: 14.8 Cu. Ft.
    Weight 161 lbs


  • DEFROST WATER DRAIN : although there is no automatic defrost or frost free feature the drain makes the necessary chore of defrosting the freezer a much simpler and easier task.
  • The Lock with POP-OUT KEY is a great advantage. As you lock the freezer, the key is automatically ejected preventing any misuse. This is a good safety feature if young children are around.
  • BRIGHT LIGHTING is real a real advantage in a freezer as it helps you to see into all the crooks and corners in the unit.
  • This is a reasonably priced freezer and gives value for money.
  • Having the Energy Star® label is an advantage as you can rest assured that this is an energy efficient appliance.


  • As with a number of Frigidaire freezer this is a manual defrost system.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • compact
  • energy efficient
  • quiet
  • good height for small person
  • good looking
  • nice food storage baskets
  • easy organization
  • highly recommended
  • reasonable price

  • manual defrost
  • no quick freeze

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