Frigidaire FKFU13M2HW upright Freezer White 20. 5 cu ft ENHANCED LIGHTING

NOT Energy Star® : Manual Defrost : leveling Legs

NOT Energy Star® : Manual Defrost : leveling Legs

The Frigidaire FKFU13M2HW is an upright freezer with a large capacity of 20.5 cu ft. This is a nice, plain looking upright freezer with no frills but which function well. It has a MANUAL DEFROST and a MECHANICAL Temperature Dial and is fitted with an Enhanced Internal Light for excellent illumination.

This is a very reasonably priced freezer and although not Energy Star® compliant it has an AUTO DOOR CLOSE FUNCTION, to prevent leaving the door open by mistake.

    Interior Features

  • The feature that Frigidaire are very proud of in this freezer is the bright ENHANCED LIGHTING which makes illumination throughout the freezer very good, so that you can find whatever you may need really easily.
  • This freezer comes with THREE Full-Width Fixed Shelves as in the door space there are FIVE Fixed Door Shelf Retainers.
  • Should the place you store your freezer have an uneven floor, you can be sure that it will stand firmly as this model has LEVELING LEGS.
  • You can change the interior temperature with the adjustable MECHANICAL DIAL, which has a display mode ranging for 1 to 7.
  • Occasionally you will need to defrost this freezer as it comes with a MANUAL DEFROST.

      Exterior Features

  • This comes in a WHITE finish with a slam integrated handle.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 7/8 Inches
    Height: 59 5/8 Inches
    Width: 28 Inches
    Total Volume: 12.5 Cu. Ft.


  • Customers were generally very PLEASED with the function-ability of this reasonably priced freezer and most consider that it really does what is claims and most WOULD RECOMMEND this to a friend.
  • Being ALL FREEZER it stores a lot of food but being an upright freezer it takes up much LESS FLOOR SPACE than a chest freezer, which was considered a big advantage by a number of customers.
  • A number of customers praised the LAYOUT of the freezer and felt that the Full Width Shelves and Door Storage were all commendable.
  • Customers felt that the enhanced INTERIOR LIGHT added a lot to this freezer as it gives really good illumination.
  • A number of customers considered that the AUTOMATICALLY CLOSING DOOR was a big advantage as it eliminated the possibility of inadvertently leaving the freezer door open.


  • One slight disadvantage with this freezer is that it has a MANUAL DEFROST rather than the self defrosting Frost Free feature.
  • One disadvantage is that this is NOT Energy Star® compliant and so cannot give the energy saving perks that a freezer with this feature would have.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • nice looking
  • attractive design
  • quiet
  • tight fitting door
  • space for tall items
  • enhanced light
  • good shelving
  • leveling legs
  • auto door close
  • reasonably priced

  • not frost free
  • not Energy Star®
  • not electronic controls.

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