Frigidaire (GLFC2027F) Gallery White 19.7 cu. ft. Chest Freezer

3 lift-out upper baskets : removeable dividers

3 lift-out upper baskets : removeable dividers

It is a great Freezer that Will Last you a lifetime Ive been having mine for 3-4 years with no problem.It hasn't broke or anything it keeps my food fresh and frozen for years and it hasn't broke Love my freezer I don't think I will need to buy a new freezer in the next 10 years.

Very Reliable Freezer I put my trust that this Freezer wont break and it hasn't it's great doesn't use to much electricity and it is very cold and good.

Keeps My food cold and frozen like my Beef, Ice Cream ETC. Okay there is not much Cons for this Freezer as it is very reliable.

But if I really thought about the negatives - and there is two:- The Paint of the Freezer has worn down when I bought it it was pure white now it is a little bit yellow also the Brand Icon has cracked and simply doesnt look new anymore.

The other thing which is a minor problem is that the door won't close so easily in some days I find myself having to close the freezer two to three times when I open it so yeah you have to make sure you close it right or your food will melt which happened to me.

The Rating Would Have to be 4 0ut of 5 Because it is really Reliable, And Long Lasting I've been having mine for about 3-4 years and it hasn't stopped working or has given me any problems.

It has been Reliable, it has kept my food fresh and good doesn't freeze too much and Lets face it the Cons aren't really cons They are Just Excuses.

  • is great
  • no problems


  • paint worn down
  • some door closing problems

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