Frigidaire Professional, Model Type: JBND-28

by Elsa
(Ontario, Canada)

After buying and selling 5 homes and just taking the applicances that came with the house, we decided to invest in a good quality fridge. The model was a french door unit with lower pull out freezer. In the first few months we noticed that when we emptied the ice tray; that no new ice was being made. The problem became more and more frequent to the point we called a repair company. Fortunately for us, it was still under warranty. After the first visit by the technician, we realised that our 'investment' was a piece of junk. He told us that he had been to see 6 units in the last few weeks to repair. Turns out, Frigidaire discontinued this model after only one year of production. Our only recourse is that they have issued free repair kits. The technician is coming for his third visit this week as the repair kit has not fixed the problem and is replacing the arm switch. We have also learned that Frigidaire will not replace the unit...we haven't gotten to that point yet. But, if after the next visit by the technician, and the problem remains. We will push for a full replacement.

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Feb 08, 2018
Piece of #### NEW
by: Anonymous

This is the last frigidaire product I will ever own. Both ice makers stoped working within two years of purchase. Called frigidaire for help ,the tech was very rude and basically told me to just deal with it and buy another frig. He was not willing to work with me in any way. I told him where he could put the frig and huge up. After 6 products this is how I get treated. Never again.

Apr 03, 2016
junk NEW
by: Lou Mancusi

Your complaint of finding your Frigidaire appliance as being junk is completely confirmed.

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