by Charles Ryan
(Malabar, Floarida)

This Fridigaire refrigerator was purchased on 3/18/11 and is less than two years old. All of the drawer rails have split or broken off to some extent. Some of the have bins and split or cracked. We called the manufacturer in December of 2012 to see if they would replace any parts were told it was out of it's one year warranty. Frigidaire was only willing to offer 10% off for replacement parts and free shipping. While we appreciated this offer, after totaling the amount (with discount) of parts cost to to make repairs it approached almost half the cost of a replacement refrigerator!!! This refrigerator was used only by two adults using the appliance with care, and it seems that the applicance should have been engineered with better quality to last normal wear and tear longer than two years use.

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