GE® 22.7 Cu Ft Counter Depth "TurboCool" Side-by-Side Refrigerator (GSCS3PGXSS)

Stainless (with Gray Case) : Ice and Water Dispenser

Stainless (with Gray Case) : Ice and Water Dispenser

The GSCS3PGXSS is a COUNTER-DEPTH side by side refrigerator that comes with 22.7 capacity. It comes in a modern Metallic Finish that is elegant and has a smooth surface. It offers convenient features in a unit that comes with a lot of carrying capacity.

    Interior Features

  • The GSCS3PGXSS comes with a host of innovative controls for convenience such as the Quick Ice option, Turbo Cool settings, and the Integrated ICE SYSTEMS.
  • The Quick Ice option makes ice up to 50% times FASTER than normal settings, while the Turbo Cool setting COOLS the refrigerator even if you open and close the door often. The unit comes with the Integrated Ice system that frees up VALUABLE FREEZER SPACE. It also tilts down so you get easier access to ice.
  • This side-by-side refrigerator comes with features for better organization such as the Integrated Ice System, ADJUSTABLE ClearLook door bins, in-the-door Beverage Rack, and Adjustable, Slide Out Spill-Proof GLASS SHELVING.
  • The Integrated Shelf Support system provides flexible support while the adjustable ClearLook DOOR BINS provide storage spaces for GALLON-sized containers. The in-the-door beverage rack is located in the inner side of the door to add more storage space.
  • The GE refrigerator also comes with a superb WATER FILTRATION system, which gives you clear and great tasting water and ice with the LightTouch technology. Avoid excessive frost build-up with the FrostGuard technology that protects frozen items from freezer burn and gives you the option to defrost only when needed.

      Exterior Features

  • Set your programs with the external controls with Actual Temperature Display and UltraFlow 100, which eliminates the guesswork in setting refrigerator temperatures and produces 100 ounces of filtered water per minute.
  • Enjoy the sophisticated APPEARANCE of the GSCS3PGXSS with its high gloss finish.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29 1/4 inches
    Height: 69 1/4 inches
    Width : 35 3/4 inches
    Fresh food capacity: 14.4 cu. ft.
    Freezer capacity: 8.26 cu. ft.
    Shelf area: 19.0 sq. ft.
    Total capacity: 22.7 cu. ft. .

      Interior Features

  • The presence of the ICE MAKER is one of the reasons why the GSCS3PGXSS is well-liked in the market. The ice maker gives you cold ice cubes on the go without having to wait for too long.
  • The unit works QUIETLY so you won't have to hear its incessant humming in the evenings.
  • The unit's ELEGANT EXTERIOR gives it a sleek and modern look.
  • It is EASY TO ORGANIZE food stuff, frozen goods, and groceries through its bins.


  • The unit makes a SHUDDERING NOISE when the ice maker is on. The noise gets pretty loud after several hours of use.
  • The GSCS3PGXSS is Large and TALL. Those looking for compact units may not see this as a good option.
  • The GSCS3PGXSS uses a considerable amount of POWER for its size. If you want a unit with lesser power consumption, you may want to buy one with lesser features and fewer power needs

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • stylish and elegant with its steel finish
  • has an ice maker
  • works quietly, no incessant humming


  • too large and too tall, may not be the best option for small spaces
  • uses a considerable amount of power for its size
  • noisy at times

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