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GE is a well known and HIGHLY RESPECTED American company in the refrigerator and cooler industry, tracing their roots back to their beginnings in the late 1800s. They have been in the cold storage industry as refrigerator and freezer manufacturers since the 1930's and have produced a small, Exclusive Range Of Wine Coolers and beverage centers that should please every customer.


Wine Cooler-Refrigerator Overview


GE wine coolers have a capacity from 29-Bottles to 109-Bottles of wine with a supporting range of beverage centers that are MULTI-PURPOSE and can accommodate both wine and a range of alternative cans and beverage options.

There are options for either Built-In wine refrigerators or Freestanding models from the entire range of GE wine coolers, chillers, vaults and beverage centers are outlined below

GE Wine Coolers and their Key Features

The GE Profile™ Deluxe Wine Center PWR04FANBS is the most luxurious of GE’s range and comes in a stylish BLACK Cabinet with Stainless Trim. This 29- Bottle wine cooler has 5 shelves, ONE of which is a display shelf that is located at the bottom of the cooler. The handle that is situated in the side on the reversible door is recessed to keep the smooth lines on this unit uniform.

The cooler is WELL ILLUMINATED with an Interior Light that has a 60-minute time delay. The temperature is displayed on a DIGITAL Display Board that is situated in the center top of the unit and give readings ranging from 45° to 65° (F).

With a capacity of 4.3 cu ft and a 29-Bottle capacity, this cooler is an under-counter model which adds to the FLEXIBILITY of where you decide to locate it. There are 5 Chrome Shelves that cradle the wine of your choice in this Thermoelectric Cooler which is not only VERY QUIET but VIBRATION-FREE. For a more detailed review on the PWR04FANBS check out our GE Wine Coolers.

GE Profile™ Wine Center PCR06WATSSA larger wine cooler with a capacity of 57 bottle of wine is the Stainless Steel, GE Profile PCR06WASS wine cooler. With adjustable temperature control and tinted glass doors this is the epitome in STYLE and GOOD LOOKS.

  • cubic capacity : 5.5 cu ft
  • bottle capacity : 57 standard wine bottles
  • height : 34 1/8 inches
  • depth 25 inches
  • width 23 ¾ inches

This wine cooler has a classic black cabinet and can be Built-In or Freestanding. Reversible handles makes it very VERSATILE and recessed handles gives it a really STREAMLINE look.

There is a lovely Interior Light feature that gives the choice of having your showcased wines beautifully illuminated in addition to an on/off light on the door.

With SEVEN fill-depth wine racks and 2 half-depth racks the shelves in this model have Good Looking Wooden Shelf Fronts - which makes it look very classy.

Find out more about the GE Profile™ Wine Center PCR06WATSS or visit the section on GE Wine Coolers.

GE Profile™ Wine Center WWC359BLSAnother main wine cooler that GE boast is the WWC359BLS wine cellar which has a capacity of 3.3 cu ft and stores up to 35-Bottles of wine. With a temperature range from 42.8°F - 57.2°F this model comes with Tempered Glass Reversible Door and Stainless Steel Trim.

There is a soft blue interior light to display your wines and the external electronic thermostat comes with a smart LED display.

This model has FIVE full width shelves and ONE staggered shelf and ONE half-width wire shelf . With its scratch resistant worktop this is a wine cooler that is versatile as well as an ELEGANTLY STYLED wine cooler. It also has a useful defrost cycle. .

For a more detailed review on the WWC359BLS check out GE Wine Coolers.

The GVS04BDWSS is a very versatile unit as it has the DUEL OPTION of acting as a WINE Cooler, BEVERAGE Center or a combination or BOTH together. It has a capacity for 31-Bottles of wine OR standard size 109 cans.

Complete with THREE adjustable full-depth wooden racks and TWO half-depth shelves, this is a unit that has loads of options. It can be filled to overflowing with kid’s beverage for that all important birthday party or loaded with your favorite wine for that very special big occasion!

The stylish looking Gray Glass Doors have a lovely SILVER TRIM and a tubular grab handle makes it easy to open and close. Upfront, Electronic Controls and an Internal Light all contribute to this being a worth while discovery.

Check out this versatile Wine Cooler CUM Beverage Center the GVS04BDWSS or visit other wine coolers in our section on GE Wine Coolers.

GE have a range of integrated appliances in their MONOGRAM range, including some refrigerator freezer and wine coolers. The popular models looked at here all have a capacity for 57 wine bottles and are fitted with leveling legs, interior lighting. The whole range Monogram appliances are very popular and have received some very good reviews from customers - and the elegant and sophisticated exterior compliment their high degree of reliability.

The GE Monogram® ZDWT240PBS Under-Counter Wine Reserve with LIQUID CRYSTAL WINDOW is a wine cooler worth checking out.

The right-hinged door comes with innovative PRIVACY GLASS uses this Liquid Crystal Technology that allows the glass to be changed from OPAQUE to CLEAR GLASS with the touch of a button, which enables you to see or hide the content of the cooler. With both red and white wine temperature settings there is an ADJUSTABLE Temperature Control which keeps the wine cooler at a Consistent Temperature, while the LED display allows you to keep a check on the internal temperature with a glance.

There are FULL-EXTENSION Sliding Wine Racks that allow you to conveniently position the bottles in the cabinet, either HORIZONTALLY or VERTICALLY, according to your requirement. The internal wooden shelves come in UNFINISHED heart of cherry, giving you the opportunity to choose to finish them off, in whatever complimentary styling you choose.

With a UV resistant, tempered glass door, the GE ZDWC240NBS Stainless Steel Wine Chiller is of the Monogram® series of wine chillers with a Stainless trim and Black interior.

Together with a soft Interior LIGHT that lights up when the door is opened, or activated by means of an on/off switch, this wine cooler has an ADJUSTABLE Thermostatic Control that maintains the ideal temperature inside the cabinet, which will help to ensure the correct maturating and aging of your special wines.

To enable your wine cooler to be a Perfectly COORDINATED with the surrounding kitchen appliances and units, the cooler comes with UNFINISHED Heart Of Cherry Wood-Shelf Fronts. Together with the Full-Extending Wine RACKS and the stainless steel tubular handles, this wine cooler is designed to COORDINATE beautifully with all other Monogram appliances.

The GE Monogram® Wine Reserve ZDWI240WII is an identical looking model to ZDWC240NBS, with many of the same features, such as REVERSIBLE Doors, SEVEN Wooden Fronted Shelves and the option to be FREESTANDING or BUILT IN.

The GE Monogram® Stainless Steel Wine Chiller ZDWC240NBS has a custom panel option to allow you to use a custom panel option to coordinate your wine cooler with your other appliances.

The easy to use and precise DIGITAL Controls on this model are tastefully and discretely hidden behind the cabinet door, and the digital touch controls allow you to set the EXACT Temperature you require that is more suitable for your stored wines. The full-extension sliding racks can store up to 7 bottle of your favorite wine, while the door is REVERSIBLE to give you maximum versatility in where you choose to place this under-counter, freestanding wine cooler.

Racks in this model like those above have racks that fully extend and are made of Solid Heart-Of–Cherry, which can be finished to suit your particular décor.

One of the most impressive pieces of technology from GE is the 3000 BTU GE Monogram Digital Cooling WINE VAULT, which is the luxury item that no self-respecting luxury home can do without. This amazing wine storage unit, range that has been developed by GE’s innovative technology is the SPACIOUS home WINE CELLAR which is also from GE’s the MONOGRAM range of appliances.

This magnificent Wine Vault is specially designed to manage, store and display significant quantities of wines in the most IDEAL and TEMPERATE surroundings.

Designed to manage large quantities of wine in a SECURED ENVIRONMENT, this magnificent wine vault measures approximately 8’ high, 8’ deep and 8½’ in wide. This SPACIOUS, self-contained wine storage unit is installed professionally in the chosen location and has computerized TOUCH-SCREEN Controls linked to a Tagged Printer, so that your wines can be conveniently recorded.

Cooling to 55°F and maintaining a constant level of humidity, the electronic controls maintains this temperature throughout the entire wine vault, by means of an ‘Intelligent’ SELF-CALIBRATING TEMPERATURE PROBE

There is an option of STORAGE RACK which hold a greater volume of wine or TASTING RACKS which allows for those who prefer to display their wines.

Other features of this system include:-

  • Bar code labeling – to help with locating your wine
  • Drop down menus for data-based information
  • Inventory protection to manage the time wine should be consumed for maximum quality
  • Quick and easy look-up features to find bottles by country, type, and vintage
  • Easy ongoing maintenance

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