GE FCM15SUWW Manual Defrost Chest Freezer White 14.9 Cu. Ft.

Adjustable Temp. Control: Manual Defrost : Interior Light

Adjustable Temp. Control: Manual Defrost : Interior Light

Built with a 14.9 cu. ft. volume capacity, the FCM15SUWW can hold more than twenty kilograms of products, and can be used for personal use and for business means. It is equipped with an additional lock and key for security and child lock purposes. An interior lighting is also featured in this chest freezer, allowing you to look inside the model during the darkest times of the day.

    Interior Features

  • Temperature controls can be adjusted through a control panel. The control panel is installed outside the freezer, giving you an option to change temperature levels without opening the machine's lid.

  • Its interior lighting is automatically switched on once the lid is opened. This feature will give you the capability to view and browse through your products clearly, without any need to switch on any other light sources.
  • The Defrost Water Drain system is used when manually defrosting the freezer. This system ensures that the water will not spill to any part of the freezer while it goes down to the compartment underneath the machine. The Defrost Management System usually works with the freezer's temperature controls and sensors to allow a smooth defrosting when the need arises.

      Exterior Features

  • The chest freezer comes only in white color.
  • The FCM15SUWW's lid is fitted with a steel case and a handle that is also colored white.
  • The exterior control panel consists of digital buttons, a knob, and a display panel for temperature reading. These buttons are very sensitive to the touch.
  • Back and side air clearances allow air to go into and come out of the chest freezer to prevent it from overheating. These air clearances aid the insulation features to handle extreme temperatures.
  • The cabinet and lid are installed with a lock and key feature. This will allow you to lock the freezer, whenever you want, with a regular key.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29 1/2 inches
    Height: 35 inches
    Width: 48 inches
    Total Volume: 14.9 cu. ft.


  • The lock and key feature makes the chest freezer childproof.
  • The 14.9 Cu. ft. volume space can accommodate large quantities of frozen products.
  • You are guaranteed a one-year warranty for the model's parts and extra labor costs.
  • The model maintains a low vibrating sound while switched on.
  • The control panel is placed outside, making temperature levels easier to change.


  • The FCM15SUWW is highly priced. However, when compared with other models, it is of an average cost.
  • It can be difficult to set up because of its weight and size.
  • If the chest freezer is used for individual purposes, the storage space may be too much.
  • Manual defrosting is not appealing to consumers.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • easy to operate
  • quiet operation
  • childproof
  • one year warranty
  • maximum efficiency
  • large storage space
  • interior lighting

  • quite costly
  • very heavy
  • space-consuming
  • defrosting is made manually

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