GE FCM25SUWW, LARGE White Chest Freezer (SECOND LEVEL RAIL) 24.9 cu. ft.

Manual Defrost : Lock with Key : Interior Light

Manual Defrost : Lock with Key : Interior Light

The GE FCM25SUWW is a chest freezer has a huge 24.9 cubic feet capacity that is great for large families who like stocking up on bargains. It has an adjustable temperature control and power on indicator for fuss-free operation. Five removable wire baskets let the owner organize food items and keep them within reach.

    Interior Features

  • This is an aptly-sized freezer for a family of six or more, or for those who like fishing or shopping in bulk. The wide chest provides space for whole fish or game. Average-sized boxes and packages can easily fit inside its 70î wide interior.

  • Organizing frozen goods is made possible with the freezer's 5 lift-out bulk baskets. These baskets slide across the two-level rails for easier food sorting. Made of heavy duty plastic material, these rust-proof baskets could be really useful in keeping small-sized packages handy.
  • The freezer's steel-epoxy lined cabinet has a built-in interior lighting for quicker access. The freezer's body and lid have foam insulation to keep the cold from seeping out. The unit has both wrap around condenser and evaporator installed.

      Exterior Features

  • The power indicator light informs the owner if the freezer is on and working. Temperature setting can be adjusted with a simple turn of the control dial. Both the power indicator and control dial are located at the upper front part of the unit for convenience,
  • The defrost drain situated at the bottom part of the unit can help ease out the trouble of manual defrosting. The drain has a plug, which can be pulled out when the melted ice is needed to be drained out of the unit.
  • Little children could be trapped inside a huge freezer like this, so, to keep the little ones out of probable harm, a lock is provided. This, of course, comes with a key. The lock will also secure the food inside and prevent possible theft.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29 1/2 Inches
    Height: 35 Inches
    Width: 73 1/4 Inches
    Total Volume: 24.9 cu ft


  • With its huge 24.9 cubic feet compartment, this freezer can accommodate up to 827 lbs. of food.
  • Easy temperature adjustment is provided with the unit's control dial.
  • The two levels of railing allow the baskets to be placed in multiple levels, thus providing more space.
  • Its five storage baskets are useful in organizing foods and retrieving items without much bending involved.
  • The power on light indicates if the freezer is working or not.
  • The freezer is equipped with lock to prevent accidents and theft.
  • The True White Interior Light helps in locating items inside the huge freezer cabinet.


  • Retrieving items placed at the bottom of the freezer can be tricky.
  • Even with the defrost drain, manually defrosting a freezer as huge as this one is difficult.
  • The unit is so massive and it uses a lot of floor space.
  • Like any other large freezer, this unit is not Energy Star-rated.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • with 5 storage baskets
  • has two level rails
  • the temperature is adjustable
  • power on indicator light
  • audible temperature alarm
  • with interior lamp
  • defrost water drain with drain pan
  • with lock and key

  • manual defrosting is required every year or so
  • needs a lot of bending over when retrieving items at the freezer's bottom
  • not Energy Star qualified

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    Feb 02, 2011
    Great Freezer and LARGE
    by: Anonymous

    The GE FCM255UCWW is an extremely large chest freezer which offers more frozen storage space than most families require.

    It's great for people who do have the need to store large amounts of meat and frozen goods. Because it is a chest freezer, it will continue to work properly even if the surface it is placed on is not perfectly level.

    It will also maintain a temperature below freezing for a longer period of time. If you don't open it, you will have at least 4 days before the food rises above freezing.

    If the power is still running and the temperature rises above freezing an alarm will sound. That's usually caused by someone leaving the door ajar.

    This model also has a drain plug in the bottom to use when you are defrosting the freezer.

    It includes a few storage baskets to sort smaller items that might be lost in the bottom of the freezer. Those are really useful for things that you want easy access to. Because of the size of this chest freezer, you will need a large area to store it in.

    Most people don't have that kind of space in the main living area of their home, so the freezer may be placed in a basement or garage. That increases the risk that you won't notice if the freezer gets unplugged accidentally which might result in you losing all the food in the freezer.

    If the freezer is left ajar and the alarm is sounding you might not be able to hear it, which would also result in the loss of your food.

    The large size makes it easier to lose track of what items you have and where they are located in the freezer. You need to take everything on top out of the freezer to reach the things at the bottom, so this can be a serious problem.

    A couple sheets of paper taped to the top of the freezer that list where you have placed items can be helpful. It may be difficult for some people to reach all the way down to the bottom to pull things out of this freezer. I'm short and my feet don't touch the floor when I reach into the freezer.

    This freezer is not for the average family due to its large size. If you do have a need for a larger freezer, this one operates quietly and efficiently. It offers a lot of storage space and some nice features to ensure your food stays safely frozen.
    Would rate this as 4 out of 5

    Feb 02, 2011
    I love this GE freezer..
    by: Anonymous

    I love this GE freezer because it just works. I don't have worry where I put it, how much I put in it, or even even what I put in it. It is big enough to hand everything I might want to put in there. It comes with 24.9 cubic feet of icy goodness.

    There are 5 pull out storage trays so you don't have to sort through everything you might be freezing. They also slide on a track so if you need to play musical chairs with your meat and vegetables, you can.

    This thing has temperature control so if you keep your freezer outside or in the garage, you can save money by turning it up. It outside is pretty durable and easy to clean.

    The freezer door will stay open without it hitting you in the head and causing a concussion. The rubber around the door is pretty good and keeps the cold in.

    The adjustable legs came in handy when I had to put in my garage. The floor isn't the most level in there, so I just twisted the legs and they made everything right as rain.
    There is a downside to this machine. You have to defrost it by hand, so that can be a pain sometimes.

    Also It is a darn heavy piece of equipment to move. It weights as much as I do, so it was a bit of fun to get in installed. If you can deal with defrosting the beast every few months, then this is a great freezer.

    * Has lots of storage room inside. Lk It has removable trays so you can get to the items on the bottom without digging.


    * This isn't a auto defrosting model, but not too bad.
    * If you are going to install this machine, you might want to offer a neighbor a case of beer.

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