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GE has long produced kitchen appliances for the home which are known for their ENERGY EFFICIENCY and DESIGN. GE produces chest and upright freezers which are easy on the wallet. It is a known fact that GE freezers COST LESS compared with other brands but provide the same level of PERFORMANCE with an intuitive set of FEATURES.

Read on to know why GE chest and upright freezers are so POPULAR and enjoy one of the best reputations in the market

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GE FCM25SUWW, LARGE White Chest Freezer (SECOND LEVEL RAIL) 24.9 cu. ft. 
The GE FCM25SUWW is a chest freezer has a huge 24.9 cubic feet capacity that is great for large families who like stocking up on bargains. It has an …

GE® FCM7SUWW 7.0 Cu. Ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer 
The FCM7SUWW chest freezer from GE targets people who are single, those who live alone, and those who have a small family. The 7.0 Cu. ft. storage capacity …

GE FUF17SVRWW Upright Freezer (Frost-Free)(Audible Temp. Alarm) 16.7 Cu. Ft.  
The FUF17SVRWW freezer model from GE caters primarily to the food storage needs of an ordinary household. Its four cabinet shelves and five door compartments …

compact freezer 5 and 197d4092p012 Not rated yet
i havent had this freezer for a year yet and it just burnt out. i will never buy a deepfreezer again. this experience is horrible. all of my frozen goods …

GE Monogram (Custom Panel Style) BUILT IN Freezer 21 5 cu ft ZIF360NXLH Not rated yet
left handed hinge ZIF360NXLH and ZIF360NXRH left handed hinge This stylish GE ZIF360NXLH is a Built In freezer from the 'Monogram' range and …

STAINLESS GE “Monogram” ZIFS360NXLH 36” Freestanding Freezer 21 5 cu ft Not rated yet
left hand hinge ZIFS360NXLH and ZIFS360NXRH right hand hinge This elegant COUNTER DEPTH Stainless GE Monogram freezer is the epitome in luxury …

GE Monogram ZIFP360NXRH Built-In Stainless Steel "All Freezer" 21.5 cu.ft. Not rated yet
right hand hinge ZIFP360NXRH and ZIFP360NXLH left hand hinge The ZIF360NXRH from GE Appliances is constructed with a 21.5 Cu. ft. storage capability …

GE Monogram ZICS360NXRH Built-In All-Freezer Stainless Steel 21.5 cu.ft. (humidity controlled)  Not rated yet
ZICS360NXRH (right hinge) and (left hinge) ZICS360NXLH The ZICS360NXRH from GE Appliances is constructed with a 21.5 Cu. ft. storage capability …

GE FUM21DTRWH Manual Defrost Upright Freezer White 20.6 Cu. Ft. Not rated yet
With its 20.6 Cu. ft. volume capacity, GE's FUM21DTRWH freezer can hold all, if not most, of your frozen food products. The model also makes use of its …

GE FUM14SVRWW Manual Defrost Upright Freezer White 14.1 Cu. Ft. Not rated yet
GE's FUM14SVRWW is an upright freezer model whose main features are for personal and individual uses, as it has a smaller capacity and body. The 14.1 Cu. …

GE FUF14SVRWW Frost-Free Upright Freezer White 13.7 Cu. Ft. Not rated yet
The FUF14SVRWW makes use of both the door and the body area to provide a decent amount of storage space for your frozen food products. This model can often …

GE Upright Freezer FUF21SVRWW 20.5 cu ft (FROST FREE) Not rated yet
GE's FUF21SVRWW is an upright freezer exclusively manufactured for large families and business purposes. Aside from a volume storage of 20.5 cu. ft., it …

GE FCM5SUWW Manual Defrost Chest Freezer White 5.0 Cu. Ft. Not rated yet
GE's FCM5SUWW is equipped with a chest cabinet that can hold a volume of 5.0 cu. ft. This model was manufactured to cater to the needs of individuals and …

GE FCM15SUWW Manual Defrost Chest Freezer White 14.9 Cu. Ft. Not rated yet
Built with a 14.9 cu. ft. volume capacity, the FCM15SUWW can hold more than twenty kilograms of products, and can be used for personal use and for business …

GE FCM20SUWW Chest Freezers 19.9 cu ft (Lock with Key) Not rated yet
The 19.9 cu. ft. storage space of the FCM20SUWW allows the cabinet freezer to hold twenty to thirty kilograms of frozen food and vegetables, and provide …

GE® FUF14SVRWW 13.7 Cu. Ft. Frost-Free Upright Freezer Not rated yet
This little power house from GE is a little ice cube in a box. I love pretty much everything about this unit. I bought it for my sons dorm so he could …

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Freezer Overview


GE has long produced kitchen appliances for the home which are known for their ENERGY EFFICIENCY and DESIGN. GE produces chest and upright freezers which are easy on the wallet. It is a known fact that GE freezers cost less compared to other brands but provide the same level of performance with an INTUITIVE SET of FEATURES.

Different Types of GE Freezers and their Key Features

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are very popular GE products. There are various freezers with varying capacities from this brand. GE chest freezers come with the basic features such as SECURITY LOCKS and INTERIOR LIGHTING which may not always be present in other brands of chest freezers. GE chest freezers also come in various sizes to accommodate space limitations. One drawback of chest freezers is that food tends to be lost and forgotten when it is packed in the bottom.

Upright Freezers

GE's upright freezers come in various capacities. They are shown to be best for those who want their food items at eye level. They can encounter a number of problems if they do not have the self defrosting feature, however, since the opening of the unit door tends to allow for the exchange of cold and warm air which can allow for sudden changes in the temperature inside. Fortunately, GE offers a wide array of upright freezers that come with frost free features for convenience.

Manual Defrost Freezers

Aside from the structural types of chest and upright freezers GE freezers can be classified according to manual defrost and frost free units. The chest freezers are usually fitted with the MANUAL DEFROST features which need regular defrosting. They are, however, more ENERGY EFFICIENT and can survive more hours of power outages better than upright freezers.

Popular GE Freezers and their Main Features

One popular chest model is the FCM25SUWW manual defrost chest freezer which has 24.9 cu. ft. of capacity and 5 lift-out and sliding bulk storage baskets as well as a second level rail.

It also comes with a lock and key to keep the contents safe especially if you keep your freezers inside the shed. The unit also comes with interior lighting to prevent rooting around blindly in the dark. There's a drain pan and a defrost water drain. You will need to defrost this unit about once a year so you need to choose a location where draining can be done with ease.

Another top seller is the FCM20SUWW, smaller than the above with a capacity of 19.7 cu. ft. It also comes with a manual defrost feature, a lock and key mechanism for added security for the contents of the chest freezer, 5 lift-out and sliding bulk storage baskets as well as interior lighting. It also has the Power On light feature.

Yet another manual DEFROST freezer is the FCM15SUWW, with a smaller capacity at 14.8 cu. ft and four lift-out sliding baskets, lock with key and interior light.

This model also comes with adjustable temperature controls and an upfront defrost water drain, an interior.

A popular upright freezer is the FUF17SVRWW which comes in white with multiple shelving and a 16.7 cu. ft. capacity. It sports the frost-free feature, the high gloss handle, and the electronic temperature control on the door. The unit has four cabinet shelves and five freezer door shelves for easier organization.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • GE freezers are known for their QUIET OPERATION and INTUITIVE FEATURES for those that need LARGE STORAGE SPACES for perishables.

  • In some cases GE freezers have MORE FEATURES compared to other freezer brands.

  • GE produces freezers of any SIZE to fit any size of family.

  • Units are also QUIET, ENERGY-EFFICIENT and WELL DESIGNED and you can choose from COLORS such as white or black.

  • GE takes pride in its FROST FREE FEATURE which eliminates the need to manually defrost the units which takes hours to do.

  • Unlike other brands, GE freezers have INTERIOR LIGHTING to eliminate the need to look for items in the dark. This feature was intuitively placed in the chest models, which need interior lighting the most.

  • GE MANUAL units are pretty reliable when it comes to power outages.

  • The frost formed serves as insulation to keep TEMPERATURES STEADY for hours.

  • LARGE CAPACITIES also make GE freezers perfect for business that need large cold storage space.


  • GE freezers sport the same drawbacks when it comes to very large capacity freezers, which include LACK OF ORGANIZATION and the tendency of 'LOSING' FOOD ITEMS that are stored at the bottom.

  • BETTER SHELVING for more organization options should be provided.

  • GE freezers, especially the upright models also tend to LOSE TEMPERATURE quickly in off-power situations.

  • Some customers also complain about the FROST FREE system not doing a very good job of keeping the items cold without frost buildup.

    Bottom Line

    GE freezers do a good job at long -term food and beverage storage while ensuring that you use energy efficiently, with units that are stylish and modern.

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