GE FUF17SVRWW Upright Freezer (Frost-Free)(Audible Temp. Alarm) 16.7 Cu. Ft.

Electronic Temperature Control : Lock : Frost Free

Electronic Temperature Control : Lock : Frost Free

The FUF17SVRWW freezer model from GE caters primarily to the food storage needs of an ordinary household. Its four cabinet shelves and five door compartments further maximize the overall volume capacity of the freezer. The freezer is produced as a frost-free device, allowing it to start and finish the defrosting process within an hour, and without the need for you to open the lid.

    Interior Features

  • The freezer's frost-free system requires less energy and time to clean the freezer from the inside. This feature can defrost the machine without its doors being opened.

  • Aside from the electronic temperature controls, the model also has audible temperature alarms. These signals will call your attention when the defrosting process has finished or if the drainage compartment is full.
  • Air clearances are located at the lower back and sides of the freezer. These ensure that the freezer is not in danger of overheating due to prolonged use.

      Exterior Features

  • GE's FUF17SVRWW comes only in a white color exterior.
  • Its door is colored white with a high-gloss reach-through handle. There are linings of magnetic gaskets on the inside edges of the door to keep the freezer doors closed.
  • Electronic Temperature Controls are located outside the door. These will make it easy for you to monitor the temperature level of the freezer without opening it.
  • The freezer is equipped with Power and Interior Lighting systems that illuminate the contents of the freezer once its door is opened. The Interior Lighting system is constructed in such a way that it would not use much storage space.
  • The freezer is installed with four cabinet shelves and five freezer door shelves. These are used to organize the contents of the freezer, and to take advantage of the storage space that it offers.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26 5/8 inches
    Height: 65 7/8 inches
    Width: 32 inches
    Total Volume: 16.7 cu. ft.


  • This freezer can be used by individuals and small families.
  • It is not space-consuming, requiring only a little space to fit inside the kitchen.
  • Parents shouldn't worry that their children would open the freezer doors because of its safety lock features, as well as sturdy legs to prevent the freezer from falling.
  • This model is convenient for storing most of the frozen food products that individuals and families purchase.


  • The FUF17SVRWW is quite expensive for a smaller version of GE upright freezers.
  • There is only a limited period of warranty upon purchase.
  • The freezer is heavy.
  • It holds a smaller amount of food products when compared with other upright freezers.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • energy saver
  • all-purpose freezer
  • requires little space
  • safety lock features
  • easy to use
  • convenient food storage
  • frost-free

  • costly
  • few features
  • limited warranty period and options
  • heavy
  • less capacity

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    Aug 01, 2011
    Burned by GE
    by: Anonymous

    this freezer is a pos I live in an area where temps exceed 100 degrees for all intensive purposes never buy a GE product the warranty is horrible for a 700$+ freezer and they dont have service - nor do they have live bodys that answer the phone speak and deal only with local appliance retailers that can service your product or sell you something that does not need service!If I had to do it all over I would buy a commercial grade freezer and have it serviced every 2 years. Period if you are a hunter or a fisherman take your money to a quality reputable reseller.

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