GE FUM14SVRWW Manual Defrost Upright Freezer White 14.1 Cu. Ft.

Manual Defrost : Sliding Bulk Storage Basket

Manual Defrost : Sliding Bulk Storage Basket

GE's FUM14SVRWW is an upright freezer model whose main features are for personal and individual uses, as it has a smaller capacity and body. The 14.1 Cu. ft. cabinet shelves, and 15.0 sq. ft. door compartments give the freezer more space, if necessary. Interior lights are also installed in the freezer to allow you to use it any time of the day.

    Interior Features

  • One of the FUM14SVRWW's features is its sliding bulk storage. This is a wire basket which can hold frozen products that cannot be stacked because of its bulky shape.

  • The machine is fitted with a lock to make it childproof. The lock and key feature is sometimes used by people who are on diets to lock the freezer after meals to prevent binge eating.
  • Its body is wrapped with a condenser lining. This allows the freezer to produce equal amounts of frost in every part of the freezer. The condenser is made to withstand the coldest temperatures, as well as adapt to the instances wherein a sudden change in temperature is needed.

      Exterior Features

  • The FUM14SVRWW upright freezer is available in white.
  • Its door is securely hinged on its right side, allowing it to be opened from its left. A magnetic door gasket is attached to the edges of the door to keep it closed at all times. The door's handle is made from high gloss and painted in the same color as the door.
  • The Control Panel is available inside the freezer to adjust temperature settings. This panel only includes a digital knob to control the temperature, and a switch to shut down the freezer for manual defrosting.
  • A door shelf is built on the inner side of the door for more storage space. The door shelf adds 15.0 sq. ft. to the overall capacity of the model.
  • 3-inch air clearances are built around the body of the freezer. These air clearances are a means to let the inner mechanisms of the freezer cool down and give off heat.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 28 5/8 inches
    Height: 60 3/8 inches
    Width: 28 inches
    Total Volume: 14.1 cu. ft.


  • It is built with four leveling legs that prevent the freezer from falling and harming itself and other things or people inside the room.
  • While its price seems unreasonable and high, when compared with other GE upright freezers, the FUM14SVRWW is actually quite affordable and of average price.
  • The build of the freezer is stylish and durable, in spite of its lightness, which makes it easier to move around the room.
  • The model is also installed with the lock and key feature.


  • The model is solely for use of single people and individuals, not ideal for large families.
  • As it is a model for individual ownership, the freezer features a smaller storage capacity than most.
  • The freezer is defrosted manually.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • available leveling legs
  • adjustable temperature settings
  • average price
  • easy to setup
  • easy to use
  • not difficult to move around
  • childproof

  • for individual's use only
  • small storage capacity
  • less features
  • manual defrost
  • no evaporator
  • no insulator

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