This is the poorest excuse for an appliance I have ever purchased. I wouldn't own another one if someone gave me a brand new top of the line model. My less than two-year-old GE side-by-side has so many problems, and has since it was purchased new, that I won't go into all of them but here is a sampling of the issues:

1. The refrigerator, no matter what setting it is on, doesn't adequately cool.

2. The ice maker is AWFUL, and the in-the-door dispenser is equally AWFUL. The ice maker is extremely slow in making ice.

3. IF the plastic part within the ice maker bin moves the ice to the dispenser area, the dispenser CONSTANTLY jams up. Then I end up with ice on the floor because it suddenly throws it everywhere. It's a constant fight to get ice from the dispenser. Ridiculous.

4. The dispenser provides water VERY slowly, and no, there are no kinks in water line(s) that I've been able to locate.

I will not purchase another GE product in the future.

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