GE® GSHL6PHXLS Ice-Dispensing Side-By-Side Stainless Steel Refrigerator ENERGY STAR® 25.9 cu ft

FrostGuard technology : LightTouch Dispenser : Quiet Design

FrostGuard technology : LightTouch Dispenser : Quiet Design

The GSHL6PHXLS is another Stylish and Energy-Efficient unit from GE with a host of Practical Features to make storing your food easier. This side-by-side refrigerator is Energy Star-rated, which makes it a smart buy when thinking of energy savings and cutting down on utility costs.

With its 25.9 cu. ft. capacity, this refrigerator is equipped with all sorts of bins and shelves that make food storage highly organized and convenient.

    Interior Features

  • The GSHL6PHXLS comes fitted with a number of features that help you organize and store your food with ease. These include the QuickSpace SHELF, in-the-door BEVERAGE Rack, and the INTEGRATED Shelf Support System.
  • There's also the Freshness Center, which MAXIMIZES SPACE with its Adjustable Temperature top Drawer and HUMIDITY controlled top drawers.
  • The QuickSpace Shelf slides out of the way to make room for TALLER ITEMS, while the in-the-door beverage rack adds more usable space without using up the interior shelf spaces.
  • The unit comes with various features for convenient Water and Ice DISPENSING including the Quick Ice option, the GE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM, and the Integrated ICE SYSTEM.
  • The integrated ice system opens up valuable INTERIOR SPACE in the FREEZER and tilts down in order to provide easy access to bulk ice.
  • The GE water filtration system delivers clean water through the LightTouch Dispensing System.
  • Enjoy less frost with the FrostGuard technology, which is designed to PROTECT the food items from freezer burn.
  • There's also the AutoEnergy Saver feature, which SENSES the opening and closing of freezer doors and adjusts the operation cycles accordingly. Also enjoy a QUIET PERFORMANCE with the Deluxe Quiet Design.

      Exterior Features

  • This GE refrigerator is available in ONE color as displayed :- Stainless Steel with Gray Case (GSHL6PHXLS)
  • Show off your new fridge that comes with an elegant Stainless Steel finish and crown doors with hidden hinges. The doors open and close without any noise as well.
  • The unit comes with EXTERNAL CONTROLS, an actual Temperature Display and Ultraflow100. This way, you wont have to make any guesses when setting the refrigerator temperatures.
  • The unit dispenses 100 ounces of filtered water per minute.

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 35 inches
    Height: 69 1/2 inches
    Width: 35 3/4 inches
    Fresh food capacity: 16.23 cu ft
    Freezer capacity: 9.69 cu ft
    Total capacity: 25.9 cu. ft.


  • The unit is really quiet! The Deluxe QUIET Design works really well in eliminating all noise when the unit is on, even when the water and ice dispensers are running.
  • The stainless steel APPEARANCE of the unit gives it a more sophisticated and more expensive look. The unit comes with a well-placed dispensing system.
  • The CHILD LOCK system is really useful. It prevents children from tampering with the controls.
  • Most users like the ADJUSTABLE HUMIDITY options. It also allows you to save on power when you don't have a lot of items in the fridge.


  • The unit tends to be noisy when the ice and water dispensers are fully turned on.
  • The EXTERIOR Dispenser and the ELECTRONIC Controls break down after a few months of use.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • really quiet operation
  • sophisticated and expensive look
  • practical child lock system
  • adjustable humidity options
  • energy-saver


  • tends to be noisy when the ice and water dispenser are on
  • exterior dispenser and electronic controls break down

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