GE GTS18FBSWW Top-Freezer Refrigerator 18.2 cu ft

very quiet running

very quiet running

We have moved to our new house in Dec. 2008 and we needed a new freeze for our white interior kitchen and at the same time we didn't want to spend a lot on a freeze due to bad economy. And with the trusted name of GE and the prize we paid, it looked a good buy that time.

I planned to use this freeze for at least three years and then look for a good one with some savings in hand. This little freeze had served all purposes I expected from it. Its white color matches with my kitchen interior.

It runs very quietly and its spacious too. Easily adjustable shelves make it more spacious. Also it is easy to clean from inside and outside too. Its freezer make really fast ice. And the drawer in freezer is good for storing additional frozen food.

Also its door drawers are large enough to accommodate a gallon of milk. And we being vegetarian, it is not enough for us as we buy three to four gallons of milks every time.

Things I don't like about this freeze is its door does not shut properly some time. And we had issues with some water leaking from its door. Also, I always needed to use my tool box to adjust the temperature. The button is not easy enough to turn by your hand. And of course the freeze is not big enough for us, but I would not complain about that as we spend less money on it. 3:

  • Cheap, and quietly running freeze with adjustable shelves.
  • Large door drawers can fit a gallon of milk.

  • Door does not fit properly, and we got some issues with water leaking from the door seals.
  • Temperature adjustment button is not easy to operate. |4) Review by category: -

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Good budget refrigerator
    by: Anonymous

    As a victim of the recession we needed to downsize from our larger home to a much smaller home. We had to include the sale of our appliances to sell our house and had to exclude them in the new house to get the best price. Thus we were looking for a small inexpensive refrigerator that would serve our needs but didn't have a lot of cash to spend on it.

    We decided on the GEGTS18fbs which we were able to purchase for right about $600 which included an extended warranty.

    This GE model is very basic with no frills yet it does a very nice job doing what a refrigerator is meant to do and that is to keep the food cold. It does have wire shelves and has a very small 18.2 cubic foot capacity which is adequate for a family of 2 or 3 people. It wouldn't work for a larger family.

    The most unique feature of the refrigerator is that it is very narrow just 28 inches wide so while it fits easily in the area that is built in for a refrigerator it does leave a lot of room open on both sides.

    I guess that could be a plus or a minus depending on ones view. It does have a couple of draws built into it for snack use and also for fresh produce. All of the drawers work nicely and don?t appear to be cheaply made.

    The internal lighting inside the refrigerator is more then adequate as well as their is no problem with lighting to view the contents etc.

    Cleaning is very simple as well however with the wire shelves any spillage causes a big problem as it leak all over the food down below from what was spilled. Overall we are very satisfied with the value we received for the cost of the GE refrigerator and have no problems with its operation in the least.

    1) Very inexpensive
    2) Takes up little space

    1) Very limited capacity
    2) Wire shelves

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