by G Pacton
(Schaumburg, IL USA)

We bought a GE refrigerator (model PSS26PSTA SS) in July 2006. After three years it started failing. First we were told that it needed an "ice ball kit". Then a motherboard failed. Then the therister failed. Then six more motherboards. Now the tech advises that a piece of foam be installed behind the thermister to prevent ice build-up and to remove three motherboard mounting screws to prevent shorting the circuit board. This is the result of incompetent engineering and management more interested in fat bonuses that standing behind their products. I STRONGLY recommend everyone to avoid GE products at all costs. I will post this story on every blog and complaint site I can find. I am also contacting the States Attorney Consumer Protection Division on this matter. GE used to be an American icon but has now been relegated to peddling junk. Anyone who works for GE ought to be ashamed to be affiliated with such an unethical group.

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